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Sep 282012

This one goes to zero!

Rock Town Hall has a long and honored tradition of rock video analysis, with Townspeople often incorporating the distinctive technique of commenting on videos with the sound off. In honor of alexmagic‘s legendary analysis of a video of Tom Jones performing with Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, we are instituting a new feature, Sound Off!

The way a Sound Off! thread works is simple:

  • A video is posted for us to view with the sound off.
  • We comment on what we’re seeing with the sound off.
  • We most likely share in the sense of wonder that there’s much to learn about music with the sound off.

You will be entrusted to view the following video with the sound off. If we could disable the video’s sound we would, but something tells me the copyright holder of the video might object to that. Trust us, for the purposes of this thread the sound will get in the way. Beside, you may be viewing this at work, in which case coworkers will only be distbured by your giggles; you won’t have to worry about the artist’s music leaking into their cube.

After the jump, why don’t you turn the sound off and watch the following video!


  19 Responses to “Sound Off”

  1. bostonhistorian

    Could you also post the link in addition to embedding the video? Thanks in advance.

  2. I made it to about 1:06…. key Mick move there…

    Kids? What?

  3. Is this an aerobics video for children?

  4. oooh, call Adam Levine. This guy moves like jagger, moves like jagger.
    What is that national TV ad that uses the whistling bit from that “Moves Live Jagger” song? I would like to destroy all copies of that.

  5. cherguevara

    Percussionist playing Simmons drums is a bad sign. I want Jagger to kick the gong at the top, too bad he doesn’t. Seems like the standard Jagger dancing and his outfit isn’t too embarrassing. Oh those dancers, that is sad. As if any one of those girls would have bought this record. When he does a spin, it’s like he’s shedding his masculinity. That drum set is ridiculous and I have one the same color – tomato soup red. And it ends. Ok.

  6. hrrundivbakshi

    What’s with the nipple rub at 1:11?

  7. 2000 Man

    That was the best way to listen to that song. I can’t believe how much less it made me want to puke by not actually hearing the music. I only saw electronic drums and that wall of red drums that makes Neil Peart look like a pussy, so one could think that this was just some massive, thumping drum thing, but I know it’s really not. Which is too bad. Two minutes of like marching band drum madness actually might have been fun.

  8. If I was to see Richard Simmons doing this it would probably look no worse…what does that say about Mick’s choices of moves and backdrop?

  9. BigSteve

    Mick only knows one way to perform anymore — like he’s trying to reach the people sitting in the nosebleed seats in a stadium. It’s necessary when the setting is a stadium, noble even, but with the cameras up close it looks foolish. It’s a pity no one ever sits him down and explains how to scale it back for video, but I must admit that a more intimate Jagger might be creepy.

  10. BigSteve

    And having an unplayed xylophone onstage is a nice touch.

  11. The drummer’s hair and the SynDrum were the first things that caught my eye. It’s too bad the gong didn’t give off a better reflection for Mick to check his Look when he backed onto the stage.

    With the sound off, his stage presence is no worse and maybe a little better than I’m used to seeing it in his work with the Stones from this point forward. I may have to dial up some Stones videos from this era and turn the sound off for comparison.

    At the 56-second mark how did they train those kids to act like they didn’t know Mick was coming up behind them. No matter how lame a lip-synching appearance this might have been in person, wouldn’t all eyes be on Mick as he struts through the crowd? Am I to believe these kids were actually focused on their dancing? Show the legend some respect!

    Oh, I see: they’re not real kids who happen to be dancing in the studio; they’re a dance team poised to join Mick in a choreographed moment for the ages. Adorable! The throat slit motion at 1:18, which someone else might have cited, is in need of further analysis. Maybe we can cut some stills for that sequence.

    At the 1:50 mark I realize he’s completely left his band in the dust. Come to think of it, did his band ever consist of anyone beyond the drummer and the E-percussionist? Wonder if he tried to book the two women drummers who appear on Feargal Sharkey’s little solo hit from around this time, “A Good Thing.”

    Perhaps this performance was part of a Prime Minister’s Council on Physical Fitness campaign. I bet if kids mimicked Mick’s routine once per day they would achieve their minimum level of recommended exercise. I may try it myself, when I’m done watching the final 20 seconds.

  12. Let us imagine, one of these days, a More Intimate Jagger. Could he be wearing one of Andy Williams’ cardigans?

  13. I’m throwing the “Neil Peart look like a pussy” comment into this month’s bag of contenders for best comment.

  14. trigmogigmo

    – Simmons hexagon e-drum clashes with handmade giant gong cymbal.

    – Oh no. Jagger butt shake.

    – Now it’s cowboy Mick.

    – Few 44 year old guys have hair that damn awesome, though.

    – Has anyone done an evolutionary analysis of Mick’s frontman movement style? I don’t think he did anything remotely like these groovin’ dance moves in the early days.

    – What the … chorus of kids? They don’t have Mick’s moves down.

    – OK, and we finish with a pogo dance and more kids? It does look like some Presidential Dance Fitness program promo.

  15. The evolutionary analysis of Jagger’s moves must be undertaken!

  16. ladymisskirroyale

    I’m shoving you out of the spotlight to say that THAT is a comment of the month contender.

  17. catching up on stuff …..and all I can think of when watching this video (yes with sound off) is this brilliant masterpiece here:

  18. See? This is a perfect example of why we need to be able to high five stuff more than once.

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