May 182020


  4 Responses to “Speaking of DEVO”

  1. BigSteve

    Mark Mothersbaugh turns 70 today.

  2. sammymaudlin

    Frack that makes me feel old.

  3. diskojoe

    DEVO was my first rock concert I ever went to in the summer of 1979 @ the Orpheum in Boston. They were touring their second album. They had no opening act. They opened up with something called “videos”. I also saw them the next year @ their Freedom of Choice tour, red flower pots & all.

  4. sammymaudlin

    They were playing at a bar in Phoenix in 1978 and my dad, knowing that I loved them, called to see if he could take me in to see them. They said “nope”. I saw them in 1981 on the New Traditionalist tour and they started the show inside of shells very much like Spinal Tap here-

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