Jan 062011

This amazing keytar-on-keytar video is courtesy of Townsman misterioso.

All we need is alexmagic‘s Cinesax™ stud to kick open a door and get this party started!


  9 Responses to “Steaming Keytar-on-Keytar Action!”

  1. Hott!

    I’ve actually always liked this song. Much better than the Dreamweaver. But I’ll take Lee Michaels’ “Do you Know What I Mean” over both of them

  2. misterioso

    “Do You Know What I Mean” is great, but probably a case of apples and oranges.

  3. I think a better comparison is that endless Argent song, “Hold Your Head Up.” You can’t convince two kimono-wearing babes to sway and sing backing vocals through that one. This is not a bad Wright song, like something Foreigner would make a lot worse.

  4. I’m nitpicking here, but technically that isn’t a Keytar®™. I’m surprised that little riff at the beginning of the verses hasn’t been sampled by some sampling hit maker nowadays. It’s very catchy.

  5. mockcarr

    My nitpick would be the cowbell held much too far away from the microphone, but she’s there for her farrahair.

  6. Here’s a version of Love is Alive by Anastacia.


    Kind of funky. Released in 2000. I am such a Gary Wright geek that I have the single.

  7. I said that several years ago, and the fact that no one has made a hit out of sampling that since then merely compounds my surprise.

  8. cherguevara

    I really want to like Argent because I’m such a Zombies fan, but man, I really can’t take that stuff. That indulgent organ noodling makes me crazy, and even just the marching tempo of the tune feels so pompous. At least this song is fun.

  9. hrrundivbakshi

    Yeah, this is a good song! Gary Wright looks like he’s 50 — weird.

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