May 052012

CAUTION: Please be aware that some of the following content is likely Not Safe for Work viewing, depending on where you work. I don’t add the potentially offensive material for salacious reasons. Rather I only offer the truth of the situation.

For every moment of triumph,
for every instance of beauty,
many souls must be trampled.
– Hunter S. Thompson

I hate to post this on the heels of the, arguably, new high water mark set by KingEd and Mr. Mod. Their interview and backstage hang with Nick Lowe was indeed impressive and I don’t want to detract from that in any way. However I do want to say that I, sammymaudlin, have been fortunate to top even that mountain top.

Last night, Ms. Maudlin and I went to a local-ish fair, Conejo Valley Days, to watch and dance to a local Fleetwood Mac tribute band called Belladonna, Note that they, and rightly so, said to beware of Don’t shoot the messenger. Here they are making lovin’ fun:

Good and fine. They were fun as usual. BUT the band that opened for them was far, far more. They were so much more than I, or you, could possibly have hoped for. That I was able to glimpse them at a place like this is beyond comprehension. And “no,” I was not able to interview them. And “no,” I was not able to hang backstage with them. But no matter, as who they are and that I was within eye-shot of them is enough to humbly put me at the pinnacle of the RTH mountain top. I should note that, due to my respect for them I chose not to make eye contact and rather looked nervously to the side when the opportunity presented itself. For the record, I did not drink a drop, yet the shear power of their performance impacted me severely when the show was over:


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