Nov 122012

Give it away.

I didn’t know until today that Judy Collins first covered Bob Dylan‘s then-unreleased song “I’ll Keep it With Mine” in 1965. I’ve never heard her version, but whoever got the song on the road to the version that I first learned through Fairport Convention‘s chilling take had both ears and vision.

Fairport Convention, I’ll Keep It With Mine

Next, sometime in sophomore year in college, I heard the Nico version, clearly guided by the sensibilities of her producer John Cale. I believe this preceded Fairport’s version, so Mad props! to Nico.

Finally, a few years later, I heard Dylan’s demo. Like a few other Dylan demos that were turned into great covers (eg, “Quinn the Eskimo,” by Manfred Mann; “One Too Many Mornings,” by the Beau Brummels), I was stunned anyone could hear anything of great worth in the song. It’s OK, but his performance indicates little focus or drama. Can you imagine hearing this acetate and wanting to run with it the way Fairport Convention and Nico did? Check it out… Continue reading »

Jul 282010

Years ago, after hearing her butcher “Satisfaction” and then reading a bunch of ridiculous, freak show-glorifying reviews by kids afraid too chicken to fly into the sun and have their own, healthy breakdown, I figured I would forever cringe at the thought of Cat Power. Then she started to get all Memphis soul and actually sing structured arrangements with a cool band. These cats even tried to help her reconstruct “Satisfaction.” They tried; at least Chan looks like her hormones have been activated, as the song was written to influence.

I own one of those Memphis soul albums and like it a lot. I no longer cringe at the thought of Cat Power; in fact, for the last few years I’ve been open to hearing more of her music. I’ve even moved past my disdain for fans of her early records. Just now, however, I was hoping to find a clip of Fairport Convention doing “Who Knows Where the Time Goes,” my favorite song by them. I was listening to a live version on the drive in this morning, and figured maybe I’d finally find live footage of Sandy Denny performing the song with them. Nice dice. Instead I came across this solo Cat Power performance.

WTF? Is this part of that “[Insert Artist] Shreds” series of videos I’ve seen posted on YouTube?


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