Oct 012011

I couldn’t stop laughing when I heard this. “I am the desk lamp.” But the real question is who will buy it? Surely not fans of Metallica. Certainly not fans of Lou. Is this a marriage made in Hari Kari?

Can anyone think of a worse pairing? Seriously Lou, please retire.

Jun 162011

Rolling Stone reports that Metallica and Lou Reed have teamed up for a full-length record. (LP, CD, release—what do we call this now??)

“A marriage made in heaven,” Reed says in his first interview about the project, in the studio lounge during a break. “I knew it from the first day we played together: ‘Oh, man, this is perfection, right in front of me.’ “

This will surely be the best-selling Lou Reed record in decades, and it does give Metallica some artistic credibility, I guess.

Mostly this will be another bizarre chapter in the musical life of our Lou.


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