Jan 062012

Consider this a Last Man Standing Speed Round of sorts. I’ve kicked things off with Pilot’s “January.” Now, in order, can we list—one song per post, in our well-established “don’t bogart that Last Man Standing thread” tradition—songs featuring the next 11 months?

To rule out cover-all-angles fall-back songs like Neil Sedaka’s “Calendar Girl,” the first month mentioned in each song is the ONLY month that can be used.

Jan 032012

At a recent holiday party I found myself having to defend one of my favorite mid-’70s light-rock nuggets, Pilot‘s “Magic.” Yes, it’s carefully constructed. Yes, it’s kinda schlocky. But so were a good amount of studio-churned hits during this time. I argue that this song is one of the best—that stands toe to toe with the Archies, Sweet, The Marmalade and yes — Jigsaw’s great “Sky High.”

I think this has a glam feel and the guitar solo is great.

Why, oh why does this song get shit on in the Hall? There is craft here. Critical upgrade I say!!!


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