Nov 152010

So, I’m sitting at work listening to Tokyo Police Club, who I kinda dig. The reason being, they play super energetic, fun, angular pop-punk, which is kinda my sweet spot. But it brings up a concern I have (or rather a realization) that, after bands get to a certain age, I kinda turn off to them.

This is due to a number of reasons: I think once bands get to a certain age, they understandably mellow and get a larger world view, which, while I respect, I don’t necessarily want from my rock and roll. Is it that all these young bands churning out three-chord rock and singing about love in a naive way really rock in way that older bands … can’t??? Then, as these same bands age, they just don’t come to the plate with that kind of energy. I probably wouldn’t want to have dinner with these young-uns but I respect their youthful musical zeal.

Am I becoming a rock Roman Polanski? Anyone else feel the same way?


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