Jun 132020

A quick piece of major news: Trouser Press, the greatest music magazine of my lifetime, has updated it’s website, making all of its issues available online. At first glance, it looks like each issue has been scanned in. That’s fine by me, because the layout of that magazine was part of it’s fun. Here’s the link to the updated site. Enjoy! Report back on what you find.


Jul 032013

Rock reading.

Rock reading.

Hopefully, it’s rapidly approaching that time of the year when you will be able to sit down with a glass of something cool and refreshing, and open up a good book.

You may not choose Simon Reynold’s Retromania, but last week’s NY Times Summer Reading Book Review contained synopses of three possible contenders. Do any of these appeal to you?

  • The Stone Roses, War and Peace. By Simon Spence. Read the cautionary tale of the number one contender for the “Band Who Blew It”!
  • I Would Die 4 U, Why Prince Became an Icon. By Toure. Based on a series of lectures presented at Harvard, including “Prince’s Rosebud.”
  • Yes Is The Answer And Other Prog Rock Tales. Edited by Marc Weingarten and Tyson Cornell. A series of recollections by people in the know. Rick Moody shares that Carl Palmer “dabbled in funk,” and other interesting bits and pieces.

What will you be reading this summer? Any recommendations for fellow rockophiles?


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