Nov 242014

Next to the twin guitar heroics of Television‘s “Marquee Moon,” the Lou Reed Rock ‘n Roll Animal version of “Sweet Jane” is the twin-guitar part I would be most interested in experiencing if I attended a Rock ‘n Roll Fantasy Camp. This clip of Dean Ween and his group doing a take on that version could be used for the advertisement for this cool Rock ‘n Roll Fantasy Camp—as opposed to actual ones I’ve seen, where you get a taste of rock stardom under the tutelage of the likes of the guys in Styx and REO Speedwagon whose names you can’t identify.

If you could attend Cool Rock ‘n Roll Fantasy Camp, what would be your event-capping experience?

Nov 182010

Walking down 15th St in Center City Philadelphia the other day, I noticed the doorbell of a beat up rowhouse broken into cheap apartments for art students. It listed the occupant as “Boognish” and had this symbol over the keybox:

I’d think most of us could trace this character to the Philly-area jokester band, Ween. I don’t know too much about these guys but it occurred to me this is band with a lot of pretty well-reviewed releases (on Allmusic, at least) that has never been discussed on RTH. My search sees them named-dropped here twice in the last 3 years. They don’t have a Greatest Hits to start with, so my question to all of you: What’s the Deal with Ween?


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