Sep 182010

This is a follow-up to a previous piece on some of the admirable-if-best-forgotten qualities of King Crimson.

As he did in our original clip from 1973, bassist/singer John Wetton, with his flowing man and polyester silkscreened shirt, lays claim to the heretofore inconceivable title of Sexiest Man in Prog. Can you imagine the D&D tail lining up to get backstage after a show?

Can Townsman Northvancoveman or other hockey fans of the Hall confirm if that is actually some form of a Boston Bruins logo on drummer Bill Bruford‘s overalls? It turns out he was wearing that thing in the earlier clip, but I didn’t notice the logo. Bruford must have been sweet on that outfit.

And thinking of a recent thread, is that a xylophone or a marimba I see behind Bruford?

Violinist David Cross seems to be wearing the same suit as in our original feature, but his haircut suggests a coming client meeting for his day gig. The guy cleans up nicely!

Robert Fripp is still the brains of the operation, making no effort to get in step with the latest styles. It’s cool, though: he usually stays in his office, wrapped up in his latest designs and out of our hair. Bruford and Wetton will pitch any new capability Fripp cooks up.

See also: Making the Case for the Sexiest Man in Prog-Rock.

Sep 172010

Today, while driving to work, I was listening to “Fredag,” a new track by the classic/psychedelic rock outfit Dungen. It features guitars, pounding drums, Leon Russell-style piano chords, and….a xylophone.

The xylophone seems to be such a sweet, happy instrument that is well suited to twee-ish pop, such as The Magnetic Fields. But in a quick scan of our music collection, Mr. Royale and I unearthed these other xylophone-friendly rock tracks:

  • “I Will Follow” by U2
  • “Gone Daddy Gone” by the Violent Femmes
  • “Little Wing” by Jimi Hendrix
  • “Under My Thumb” by the Rolling Stones

And I’m sure there are more that you can think of. So is there a place in rock for the xylophone?

P.S. – “Born To Run” showcases a glockenspiel…


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