Apr 302013

Hello fellow Townsfolk. You might have noticed some new additions to the bottom of the RTH page. We are trying out some new features. Don’t be alarmed.

We are responding to the outcry received regarding the ability to listen to the latest Saturday Night Shut-In without having to find the post. At the very bottom you’ll see the new “This Week’s Saturday Night Shut-In” player. It has the latest SNSI cued up and ready to be played. If you click the list button (4 horizontal lines) a playlist will reveal the previous 3 SNSIs. The player will auto-advance to the next one when the one playing ends or you can click the >> advance button or click on the individual SNSI in the playlist or click the random arrows to go for Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride. Click inside the white volume area to increase or decrease the volume.

There is one kink here that we in The Back Office haven’t conquered yet, but we’ll say the player is 90% operational (that’s an A-).

Above that is our new social media bar where you can click to visit our Twitter, Facebook or YouTube page. On the right side you can FB Like us. Also you can Tweet or g+ whatever page you are on. Who does that google+ thing? The Back Office is skeptical.

OK, so what if these new things are an eyesore for you? Well, got that covered. Click the “X” and the player will hide. Click the white down arrow “” (but pointing down) and the social bar will hide. Voila! The X and arrow will still be visible if you want to open them back up.

If you have issues or ideas, this is the place to air them.

Thank you for your attention.

The Back Office





  15 Responses to “Technical Update”

  1. We the people salute your innovations.

  2. “We fear change.” – Garth Algar


  3. Hi there. It’s been a while. My own illness & a loss in the family have taken precedence over any digital interface situations. This is great. There is so much music in my computer that I don’t always bother with SNSI. I will do now it’s just a shot away. Speak soon.

  4. 2000 Man

    It’s pretty neato! Can I get an easy download button so I can put it on my mp3 player to listen to in my car? That would be swell!

  5. Sorry to hear about your recent tough times.

  6. If this doesn’t encourage me to put down the 10 other things I’ve been working on and get back behind the SNSI mic nothing will. Very cool. Thank you, and thanks to Slim and cliff for all the work they’ve done to keep these programs happening. Keep up the good work, and let’s hope others figure out a way to put together a little program of their own. (I’m looking at you, 2K!)

  7. This is great! Nice work, Back Office. This is already helping me enjoy the fruits of Slim jade’s and Cliff’s labors.

  8. The Back Office

    I believe so. “Download” is an option. I will someone on staff look into that.

  9. trigmogigmo

    Thanks. I know from personal experience how much work goes into building a seemingly simple feature like this.

  10. Hey, what happened to the High Fives?

  11. The Back Office

    Funny you ask…NOT! When they are enabled the player controls in the dashboard disappear. Might just have to disable them when working on the player and then enable them again.

    Also just reset the player so that “keyboard controls” are off. This will stop the track from playing every time you hit the spacebar.


  12. The Back Office

    See? They’re back now and some honorable soul has already High Fived me.

  13. The Back Office

    Stop buggin’ us man. We’re busy sampling the new Stooges album.

  14. Speaking of software enhancements, I am looking forward to further usage of the Mr. Toad tag: https://www.rocktownhall.com/blogs/tag/mr-toad

  15. ohmstead

    Hey Back Office – just wanted to report that it appears that every time I post I am automatically being assigned a high five. Granted, my posts are usually excellent… and while no one would accuse me of being a Boy Scout…it does feel a little like cheating. Just wondering if maybe I’m doing something wrong. Anyway…just passing it along. Thanks, Ohm

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