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It was 43 years ago yesterday that Paul McCartney‘s self-interview that accompanied the release of his first solo album effectively announced the beginning of the end of The Beatles.

Q: Do you foresee a time when Lennon-McCartney becomes an active songwriting partnership again?
A: No.

That was some way to announce the end of a band! Did Paul Weller make some self-important splash when he decided to end The Jam? Didn’t they put out an EP announcing the break up and coming farewell tour? A few songs into The Gift I’d already broken up with them.

I recall Little Richard and David Bowie each broke up with themselves in dramatic, once-and-for-all fashion a few times. What other artists staged memorable break ups?


  7 Responses to “It Was 43 Years Ago Yesterday: The Beatles’ Mortiversary”

  1. diskojoe

    Ray Davies tried to announce that he was quitting @ a gig in White City, London in 1973 after his wife left him, but he couldn’t be heard over the PA system.

    I think that Weller did announce that the Jam was splitting in the UK music press.

  2. That Ray Davies story sounds so appropriate for the Kinks’ fate!

  3. diskojoe

    That’s true, Mr. Mod, just like that meltdown in Fenway last night was appropriate for the ending of the Sox’s sellout streak!

    By the way, as for the latest RTH Poll, I would have to go out of the list and vote for Jane Asher for my favorite Beatles’ mate due to the fact that she hasn’t done a tell-all book or even mention her relationship that she had w/Paul more than 40 yrs. after it had ended.

  4. misterioso

    Man, that 9th inning last night was an abrupt end to the brief Era of Good Feelings in Boston. Curse you, Hanrahan!

  5. BigSteve

    In 1973, during a show in Hollywood, the Everly Brothers were in the middle of their set when the venue’s manager came on stage to alert the crowd that the show had been cancelled due to Don Everly being “too emotional” to play. In reality, Don was too drunk to remember the lyrics and guitar parts to the songs. His skipped notes and forgotten lyrics enraged his brother Phil, who proceeded to smash his guitar mid-show and storm out of the building, promising he would “never get on stage with that man again”.

  6. cliff sovinsanity

    “Ah ha ha! Ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated?” J. Lydon.

  7. Of a more recent vintage — the final Oasis breakup: “It’s with some sadness and great relief to tell you that I quit Oasis tonight.” Noel Gallagher — and of course it was released on his blog.

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