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Martin Fry of ABC

The Look of the Beach Boardwalk?

At theme parks and casinos around the country, former hit-making — and now aging — rockers are bringing their nostalgic hits to smaller audiences. On one hand I think it’s cool that bands like this continue to work and (hopefully) have fun doing their thing. On the other hand, does a barely-noticed local band like Y&T need to keep playing, and merit being on the same summer line-up as globally recognized bands like Blue Öyster Cult and ABC? Well, I suppose I’d say, “more power to ’em” if they’re having fun and making a living.

Here is the summer line-up at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk Free Friday Night concert series:


I find some of the descriptions, airbrushing, soft focus, and band-as-logo graphics, pretty funny. Good to know that “ABC’s Martin Fry is a revelation, an ageless soul man belting out Vegas glitter pop and uptown House in his electric blue lounge suit.” Nice (by which I mean “creepy”) to see old guys like Gregg Rolie and Eddie Money with lots of youthful stage makeup/airbrushing and hairdressing. Interesting graphic choice for WAR and Foghat to photoshop their stage photos into strange cartoon logos.

If I happened to be down at the boardwalk on a Friday this summer, I would actually stick around to watch maybe half of these groups. Any interesting tidbits you notice in these promos and bios? Who would you stay around to hear? (LMK CVB, obviously!)


  13 Responses to “A Cool, Cruel Summer”

  1. 2000 Man

    For free? It must be good! I”d go see The Tubes and Cracker/CVB for sure. I might even go see Berlin and sit in the back so Terri Nunn looks the same as she did in 1981 from where I sit.

    But I’d definitely go to see Y&T. I saw them a long time ago, and I’ve actually still got a few of their records. Cuz I liked heavy metal just fine back then (but that’s a kind of music that doesn’t grow old with you very well). But I thought they were pretty cool and Dave Meniketti was a pretty great guitar player.

    One of the most fun shows I ever saw was The Turtles as a rib burnoff. They were really something.

  2. Definitely Cracker/CVB and Blue Oyster Cult.

    Maybe Eddie Money.

    I’d be torn about the Gin Blossoms. Since it’s free I would consider strolling by for a few songs but I’m not sure I would enjoy any of it knowing the backstory of the former songwriter.

  3. The HooDoo Gurus posted the line up for the upcoming Dig It Up festival in Melbourne. I can’t recall the last time I saw a line up that was so up my alley. Hoodoo Gurus performing Mars Needs Guitars in it’s entirety (plus other smash hits) + Blue Oyster Cult, Flamin’ Groovies, Buzzcocks, Peter Case Band, others

  4. I like the fact that Gregg Rollie leads with his past as Santana’s original lead singer rather than a guiding force in Journey. The man’s got a proper sense of shame!

  5. For free — I would go to a few of these. I saw ABC about 5 years ago at DC’s 9:30 Club — and Martin puts on a very good show. I’m going to check there website and see what they’re going to do around DC this summer, since he’s stateside making some dough.

    As a little kid, Foghat was a favorite of mine so I’d check what’s left of that band out. Ditto Eddie Money, Cracker, and BOC. If I was there and Greg Rollie was playing I would stick around to hear him sing those Santana numbers they promise.

    Not sure about the “family friendly” Tubes show – my sister loved that band, but I was too stupid to get them, I guess.

  6. I noticed that “family friendly” thing as well. Were the Tubes all cutting edge and shit in the 80s?

    That’s a nice free line up. I’d make plans to see Cracker/CVB and go to a few others if there wasn’t anything better going on. I think War might be OK. Those big jam bands usually work better onstage than on record.

  7. ladymisskirroyale

    Ooo, we might just need to take a drive or two down there. I would love to see ABC!

    Back in my teenage days, I’d seen many of these bands and don’t know if I have it in me to see them again.

    CVB has a new album, La Costa Perdida, which is good and very well–produced. They put on a very good live show; even Mr. Royale came around after I dragged him a few times.

    Trig, perhaps we need to do a road trip!

  8. jeangray

    “Family friendly” for the Tubes just means no S&M gear & they leave the exotic dancers at home.

  9. jeangray

    Interesting. I’ve seen half the people on this list already. I find it pretty hilarious that pretty much all that Blue Oyster Cult is known for these daze is “More cowbell.”

  10. trigmogigmo

    Quite possible!

  11. trigmogigmo

    It goes to show, Christopher Walken and Will Farrell are a powerful combination.

    I like that song quite a bit, but “Godzilla” was the one we played in my garage band high school school dance gigging days.

  12. BigSteve

    Road trip!

  13. misterioso

    Wow, Papa Doo Run Run or Gin Blossoms? Let’s have a coin toss!

    I like to think that the one song title by which each of these acts is identified is also their entire setlist. Better make it count, folks!

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