Mar 062013

Provided the snow that’s expected to fall in Delaware and points south of Philadelphia doesn’t blow up to New York tomorrow I am planning on seeing director Michel Gondry introduce and discuss the influence of the 1963 film British kitchen-sink film Billy Liar at the IFC Center.

I really like Gondry’s movies and rock videos. I simply like his all-around style, which is why I’m most interested in hearing him talk about this movie I saw years ago and liked well enough (but not as much as some other movies from that period). I didn’t realize until reading up on him, though, that he was also a drummer in a French band, Oui Oui, and that he directed a certain favorite video with obvious debts to this Oui Oui video…after the jump!

Anyhow, I’m not exactly what you would call a “visual guy”—or at least I’ve never developed a vocabulary for discussing what appeals to me visually the way I can do so  regarding sound, but Gondry’s videos and movies resonate with me. I look forward to possibly learning a little more about what his work means to me.


  4 Responses to “The Rock Video Stylings of Michel Gondry”

  1. That ‘The Work of Director Michel Gondry’ DVD including his music videos is astounding. All of the Buhjork and White Stripes, Chemical Brothers concepts are simple but the execution is as creative as it gets.

    If you haven’t seen that DVD, do it today! These are two viddy you must see without the yootoob cwap.

    Kylie Minogue (I know I know – could not be more lame musically) but check the viddy out anyways!

    and Marseilles rappers IAM’s Je Danse De Mia complete with george benson stylings…

  2. ladymisskirroyale

    I second that this is a great collection. I particularly like the Daft Punk, Cibo Matto and Chem Bros videos. Mod, Gondry’s Chemical Brothers “Let Forever Be” video was highlighted as part of the Best RTH videos compilation that you/backstage put together a few years ago.

  3. ladymisskirroyale

    I do find it interesting that you like the playfulness of Gondry but don’t resonate to Wes Anderson who also includes a level of naiveté. Perhaps it’s that Gondry let’s the “child within” out whereas Anderson keeps him/her more contained?

  4. Yes, Anderson is sitting on some very dark secrets. He would be wise to let that shit see the light of day, take his thumb out of his mouth, and stop trying to whitewash it with his Hipster 101 record collection. I could be wrong about Anderson, but it’s somehow my job to give him a wedgie.

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