Dec 102013

An unofficial “fanboy” video for “Paul Rudd,” a song from  ¡MOd! vs ¡POW!, the coming Nixon’s Head joint release with The Donuts, was posted to YouTube this morning. The double CD is due for release in March 2014. Representatives from Nixon’s Head and their label, Groove Disques, have some idea of the video’s origins, but are not commenting.

“We have some idea of the video’s origins,” said an undisclosed source from both the band and the label, “but we are not commenting.”

It is suspected that the timing of this unofficial fanboy video’s release has nothing to do with next week’s launch of the hit movie Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues.

Jul 122013

Remember when the M in MTV stood for “music?” (How’s that for a rhetorical old fart question?) I was never the biggest fan of MTV, even at its birth or any subsequent high-water marks, but you could stumble across something unexpected late at night—involving musical instruments rather than kitchen utensils or whatever gets called into play during the station’s numerous reality skankfests.

Mar 062013

Provided the snow that’s expected to fall in Delaware and points south of Philadelphia doesn’t blow up to New York tomorrow I am planning on seeing director Michel Gondry introduce and discuss the influence of the 1963 film British kitchen-sink film Billy Liar at the IFC Center.

I really like Gondry’s movies and rock videos. I simply like his all-around style, which is why I’m most interested in hearing him talk about this movie I saw years ago and liked well enough (but not as much as some other movies from that period). I didn’t realize until reading up on him, though, that he was also a drummer in a French band, Oui Oui, and that he directed a certain favorite video with obvious debts to this Oui Oui video…after the jump!

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Feb 242013

Many of you already know that I am a fairly big fan of the works of Terence Trent D’Arby. The world needs more unapologetically pretentious pop/soul artists, and he certainly was one for the better part of the 1990s.

Anyhow, I chanced upon a listing on YouTube for a TTD video I didn’t know existed: “Dance Little Sister.” Now, I’ve always loved this song — for me, its ferocity seems to transcend the cheeseball 1980s production flourishes that come close to ruining his first album, Introducing the Hardline According to Terence Trent D’Arby. So it’s a winner, and I eagerly clicked to watch TTD tear it up.

Boy, did I dial a wrong number! Who green-lit this stinker?! The band looks unbelievably uncool in every possible way, TTD seems to lack any interest in what he’s doing, and the “cut-to” scenes of — of what, exactly? — seem to have been flown in from a diaper commercial.

For me, this video was a major, major let-down. I know we’ve talked about “holy grail” audio pieces that have been revealed to suck upon actually hearing them for the first time; do any of you have any video let-downs as disappointing as this one?

I look forward to your responses — and I also attach a rare bit of TTD video that doesn’t suck to show you what I was hoping I’d discover, but didn’t.


Dec 032012

This ought to be easy. All you have to do is pick one of the two options laid out below, from one-time children’s action figure model and occasional televangelist MC Hammer.

As always, it helps your cause to list a reason or two for your preference.

Version A: Lots of gangsta ho’s eagerly shakin’ they booty — but be warned: the price of admission to Hammer’s pool party is never being able to un-see the MC’s wedding tackle, barely restrained by his tasteful, zebra-striped banana hammock. Believe me, he makes darn sure you never forget it.

Version B: No tits, no ass, and no Hammer-wang. But much better choreography!

So what’s it going to be? A or B?

I look forward to your responses.


Nov 262012

Well, I’m glad they actually made a real video because it actually seems like they’re working. As far as Rock videos go, I think this one is pretty good, especially if you think about that Bjork video I just watched. I think they may have a different take or mix on this version, too. The guitars sound more bitey and I like this a lot more than I did a few weeks ago. Oh, there’s brief boobity in it, so it may not be safe for work.


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