Feb 222012

Rock Squat!

I’ve been sitting on this Rock Town Hall Glossary entry for some time. As the following video clip that alexmagic posted in a recent thread as evidence of Crazy Horse‘s complete lack of “schau” (Lach Schau?) demonstrates, maybe the definition is right in front of our eyes.

The Thick-Thighed Rock Squat, or Snuffaluffagus, as practiced by Neil Young and his mates in Crazy Horse; Shane Fontayne, that Lone Justice/post-E Street Band Springsteen guitarist; and countless middle-aged, weekend warrior bar band guitarists feeling a bit uncomfortable about the act of performing in front of people while sporting a youth-defying gut and ill-fitting jeans, is an awkward, self-conscious form of “hunkering down” during solos and other key instrumental sections.

In contrast to more self-absorbed rock guitarists’ glamorous windmills, leaps, scissor kicks, thrusts, and general crucifixations, the humble guitarist expresses thanks and praise to The Power & Glory of Rock ‘n Roll through the Rock Squat. In terms of Major League Baseball’s World Series final pitch celebrations it’s the difference between Tug McGraw‘s Reach for the Heavens Leap after through the final strike in the 1980 World Series and Brad Lidge‘s I Am Humbled by the Magnitude of This Occasion Drop to the Knees in 2008.

Dual Rock Squat!

The Rock Squat’s most endearing, emotionally charged, and manly formation is the Full-Band Rock Squat, which you can see Neil and hit mates entering on the cover of Year of the Horse. There’s nothing like seeing the Horse lumber around like mastadons! You can see how, in rock stage presence developmental history, the Full-Band Squat is a stone’s throw to Rock ‘n Roll Iwo Jima.

Full-Band Squat!


  15 Responses to “The Thick-Thighed Rock Squat (aka The Snuffaluffagus)”

  1. hrrundivbakshi

    I cannot take credit for posting that video; I believe it was townsman alexmagic. Neither can I take credit for that category-defining WINNER of an antonym for “mach schau” you came up with: “lach schau.”

  2. Thanks for the correction. Credit has since been given where credit is due.

  3. machinery

    I always picture Springsteen doing a lot of crouching, no?

    Or how about Mountain? So much crouch, Leslie West just brings a chair on stage?

  4. machinery

    And thanks, the Snuffaluffagus made me laugh.

  5. YES, the Mighty Slash. Good call!

    Notice how often a ripped knee on the squatter’s jeans is evident.

  6. machinery

    Mr. Mod, I’m thinking a Rock Town Hall Dictionary — publishable mind you — is in order!

  7. Count the Ramones out on that ripped knee thing. https://encrypted-tbn0.google.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQdPDC2We9QDl2XvGCK_4roNDbkEwIK7RWo1qY40varY97jLIliy3NXh8vn How did those jeans rip in the classic wide-legged stance?

  8. alexmagic

    Is there some kind of connection between the Rock Squat and Chuck Berry’s Duck Walk? It seems to me if Berry was taking the Squat to the next level that early in the game, it just heightens how sad it can be (and how lifeless the Neil/Crazy Horse Zombie Shuffle was) when not used sparingly today.

    Another possible offshoot/refinement: what about the bounce move the Beatles, particularly John, would do? I’m thinking of the title performance in Help! and the first Sullivan show performance. Paul and George would move around to share the mic, but John would stay in place and just kind of constantly to micro squats for the entire song.

  9. I don’t think there’s a relation to Berry’s duckwalk, but you may be onto something with Lennon’s micro squats.

  10. Happiness Stan

    I recently tried the link on the Mach Schau comments to the RTH glossary and it doesn’t seem to work any more. I can generally work out fairly quickly what these things mean, but it would be handy for newbies and recent-ies to refer to.

  11. Really? It works from this post. I’ll take a look at it. Thanks.

  12. GREAT. I never heard you equate the rock squat with Snuffaluffagus. Excellent move name; provided you have the hair to back it up. A rock squat looks a lot like taking a dump in the woods.

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