Jul 282015

Exercise your right to post!

This is your Rock Town Hall!

If you’ve already got Back Office privileges and can initiate threads, by all means use your privileges! If you’d like to acquire such privileges, let us know. If you’ve got a comment that needs to be made, what are you waiting for? If you’re just dropping in and find yourself feeling the need to scat, don’t hesitate to register and post your thoughts. The world of intelligent rock discussion benefits from your participation. If nothing else, your own Mr. Moderator gets a day off from himself. It’s a good thing for you as well as me!


  5 Responses to “This Is Your Rock Town Hall”

  1. tonyola

    Mr. Mod,

    I used to have back office privileges before I went AWOL. Can I have those reinstated? I have some ideas for articles and I want to help keep this great blog going.

  2. Can you no longer enter The Back Office? Your privileges shouldn’t have changed. Let me know if you can’t get back there and do your thing, thanks. The same goes for any other long-time contributors who are having trouble.

  3. tonyola

    I’m running the latest Chrome on Windows 8.1 and I can’t find the “dashboard” link as explained in the RTH guide. Am I being an idiot here or is there some new secret entrance?

  4. I see! The location may have changed. If you go to the top left corner there should be orange text on the black bar that reads “Rock Town Hall – Rock Music Discussion.” Scroll over that and you’ll see the Dashboard link. Also, there should be a “+New” and “Edit Post” link up there that will get you where you need to go. If this stuff isn’t showing for you, I’ll look into it further. Thanks.

  5. tonyola

    Ahh, I found it. Thanks for your help.

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