Mar 262012

Courtesy of Townsman chergeuvarra, I believe this video amply displays Tom Jones‘ patented approach to singing anything, a technique described by Townsman alexmagic as thunderballing.

Who’s Captain now, Mike Love?


  7 Responses to “Thunderballing!”

  1. Well, that was a bit of a shock. Was he really wearing a marble bag or was that just some of the underwear that got tossed on stage?

  2. alexmagic

    No Mandom tag for this?

    Right before he dives off the ship into his waiting boat, he hands off the mic and says “Hold this for me, will ya, love?” I bet that’s Tom Jones’ pick-up line.

    And I bet it works every single time.

  3. So it is written (and so 57 meetings have passed), so let it be done!

  4. ladymisskirroyale

    He looks a little like Mike Brady.

  5. I thought I didn’t have any Tom Jones in my music collection, but then I remembered – I have the long version of Prince’s “Kiss” that Tom did with Art of Noise in 1988. Now I expect shock and horror over this, but I prefer the Tom/AON version over the original, which to me is spoiled by Prince’s high-camp falsetto (he’s no Smokey or Curtis, that’s for sure). Jones carries the song pretty well in his own inimitable style, and I like the fun dancey/dreamy AON backing.

  6. TJ needs to be Thunderballing to counteract the totally emasculated backing track.


  7. Man, this clip has been getting around in the past few weeks.

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