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This is a simple one. What fantasy show would you make every effort to go see no matter the cost and location? The only rule is that it has to be feasible. So a Beatles reunion is out. But you can get creative like a Syd Barrett tribute featuring Robyn Hitchcock, Gilmour and The Soft Machine guys that played on Madcap. I’d consider that but probably wouldn’t go to the end of the Earth for it.

When the Velvet Underground reunited in London in ’93, I went so far as to look in to acquiring tickets and airfares and such. Didn’t pull the trigger but that was close. I only had to drive down to Long Beach to see The Stooges reunion. I went by myself which I think might be the only time that I’ve gone to a show by myself. So I’ll never know how far I would’ve gone for that.

The only show that I can think of that I would go to the end of the Earth for is The Dukes of Stratosphear, if and only if, they did it in full character and with a full blown psychedelic extravaganza.

What say you? Is it a reunion show? A super group? A reunion show of a super group?


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  1. Mr. Moderator

    I’m going to keep it simple: I’d like to see Pere Ubu with the rhythm section of Tony Maimone and Scott Kraus and original synth player Allen Ravenstine one more time. I’ve seen this band more than probably any other band in various permutations. They’ve been great a few other times, but the first time I saw them, with General Slocum in tow, on that 1986 or so comeback tour, with those guys, then-new guitarist Jim Jones, and second drummer Chris Cutler, it was one of the coolest shows I’ve ever seen. Jones is now gone. Dub Housing guitarist Tom Hermann, who’s been back with them, will do fine. I’ll request songs all night long.

  2. Tom Waits with Marc Ribot on the guitar.

    Replacement reunion. (I have no problem with with post Bob replacements)

    Elvis Costello fronting the Clash.

  3. Guided by Voices with the Bee Thousand band.
    I would go to Dayton to see that.

  4. alexmagic

    I might steal some Oats thunder here and say I really want to see Pulp play, but if I’m being honest, I probably wouldn’t leave the Eastern seaboard for it or anything.

    But that Dukes of Stratosphear idea, done all out with floppy hats, “Your Gold Dress” and liquid light projectors, I think you may have sold me on that.

  5. I might steal some Oats thunder here and say I really want to see Pulp play, but if I’m being honest, I probably wouldn’t leave the Eastern seaboard for it or anything.

    Yeah, I probably would. I keep waiting for the All Tomorrow’s Parties people to coax the ’95 lineup to play Different Class in its entirety. I’d pretty much go anywhere to see that.

  6. diskojoe

    I think the only such concert I would go to would be The Kinks. I remember see Ray solo a couple of years ago & although I had a great time, I missed seeing Dave doing his thing.

  7. mockcarr

    Paul Weller decides there’s a charity worth going back on his word for and turning this “Jam” reunion into a real one.

  8. sammymaudlin

    diskojoe: Any qualifiers on a Kinks show? Would you go to the end of the Earth if the show was playing nothing but Think Visual from beginning to end?

  9. 2000 Man

    I’m sure there’s some stuff I could invent, but the one thing I really never thought I’d have a chance to see it wound being something I got to see three times. I always wanted to see Rocket From the Tombs and I never thought they’d even officially release anything, but then they came out with an album of scratchy old recordings and they played a show in Cleveland. Dave Thomas sat in a chair half the time and read handwritten lyrics through most of the songs, but it was amazing just to be there.

    They were awesome, though. One of the coolest things I ever saw. I went to the Jim Jones Benefit show, and for some reason they did a third show in Cleveland. Every time was awesome, and the third show they did a few new songs, but I haven’t heard anything come of that. So I think my Anywhere, Any time fantasy is fulfilled. Everything else is gravy from here on out.

  10. sammymaudlin

    Mod: Have you already seen that line-up? I would be surprised if anyone would go to the end of the Earth to see a show that they’ve already seen. Bound to disappoint.

  11. diskojoe

    First off, sorry about the typo in my previous comment. Typing things is difficult when you’re half awake on a Monday morning.

    It’s funny that Mr. Maudlin mentioned Think Visual, since I watched the video for “Lost & Found” last night. There’s also a new Ray bio by someone named Kitts which actually has a chapter in which he attempts to make the case that it’s a great album.

    I think although I would be happy to see the original ’64-69 band together, I would be happy just to see Ray & Dave & the half of Argent that comprised the band in its last days. For an opening act, it would be great to have either the Dukes or Martin Newell opening up.

  12. Mr. Moderator

    I’ve seen the lineup I described, with the second drummer but without Dub Housing guitarist Tom Hermann. I can stand the likely disappointment. I’m from Philadelphia.

    Diskojoe, have you seen our RTH interview with Tom Kitts? BigSteve did it. It’s pretty great, if I say so myself.

  13. diskojoe

    Mr. Mod, I did see that RTH Tom Kitts interview, which was pretty great. His book was pretty good too.

  14. I would go to the ends of the earth to see Elvis and the Attractions circa 1978.

    For a real show, I would go back in time to see The Undertones open for The Clash on the “The Clash Take the Fifth tour” in ’79-80.

  15. BigSteve

    I don’t know that I’d go to the ends of the earth to see any concert, since concert experiences are usually letdowns. When I look around at the hypotheticals, it’s amazing how much death has to be taken into account.

    The Kinks are one of the few bands of that era where the original members are still alive. Just within the last couple of weeks, Ray has been talking a reunion up in the press again, but I’m just not sure Dave is physically up to it, to say nothing of emotionally.

    I actually saw the Partridge/Moulding/Gregory/Chambers version of XTC play live, but that would be a reunion worth seeing. PiL could be interesting.

    I’d also like the see a reunion of The Fall — all of them, all at once.

  16. I’d travel pretty damn far to catch an Uncle Tupelo reunion gig. A Jayhawks reunion gig would get me pretty psyched. Roxy Music with Eno doing the first album…I don’t know, good question.

  17. sammymaudlin

    Roxy Music with Eno. Good one. I’d go far for that.

  18. hrrundivbakshi

    Dunno about the end of the Earth, but I’d travel pretty dang far to see a Stones show with Mick Taylor and Bill Wyman — but it’d have to be a club date, and they’d have to recreate “Sticky Fingers” and “Exile” in their entirety.

    I’d travel to Australia for an Easybeats reunion, but only if it was part of a larger “Vanda-Young Showcase” of artists they’ve written for and produced over the years.

    I’d travel a long way to see ZZ Top do a no-frills show in a club — just Billy, Dusty and Frank playing the house instruments through Peavey amps.


  19. Lenny and the Squigtones; BEF-style Heaven 17; The Nazz would be cool, as would The Nerves with Jack (none of that half-assed SXSW record-store impromptuism).

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