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LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Four founding members of the rock band Velvet Revolver said on Tuesday they were splitting with the group’s troubled singer, Scott Weiland, citing his “increasingly erratic” behavior.

If by “erratic behavior” they mean his “I just shot-up and bought a new outfit at the Eva Braun estate auction” Look, then I concur.

Or if it was his “I just shot-up and am now dancing around like I need to expel a gasoline enema” moves, then I concur as well.


  4 Responses to “Velvet Revolver Splits with Rocker Scott Weiland”

  1. Mr. Moderator

    David Byrne just watched that first video and cut all remaining ties with himself.

    What a shame that the talented and charismatic Weiland has blown yet another chance. Slash needs to stop enabling these troubled lead singer types and find a stable lead vocalist. Has David Lee Roth been kicked out of Van Halen again yet?

    Whatever happened to the guitar- and bass-playing brothers in Stone Temple Pilots? Did they open a studio or a pizza joint since that band’s demise?

  2. alexmagic

    I think Weiland’s actually supposed to tour with Stone Temple Pilots again. The rest of that band are truly the greatest abused spouses in rock today. The first time he dumped them – to put out his now forgotten solo album – they went out and got another singer for an equally forgotten new band. But as soon as he decided to come back, they threw out that other guy for him.

    I’m sure the three of them had a band meeting where they decided to set some ground rules for him, and teach him a lesson, but by the time they put out a new record, there’s the video for the STP comeback single featuring Weiland rolling around and making out with Buffy the Vampire Slayer while the other three are forced to grimly cavort with midgets in rabbit suits, wondering what the hell just happened. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZUimElsi8Ag

  3. I’m not sure how to do hyperlinks, but here’s the latest from Weiland:


    UPDATE: Scott Weiland speaks! Here is Weiland’s entire statement released this morning by Press Here Publicity, with frustrating punctuation choices retained for authenticity:

    “After reading the comment by Duff, Matt, Dave and the illustrious “GUITAR HERO,” Saul Hudson, a.k.a Slash, I find it humorous that the so called four “founding members” of Velvet Revolver, better known to themselves as “the Project” before I officially named the band, would decide to move on without me after I had already claimed the group dead in the water on March 20 in Glasgow. In response to Slash’s comment regarding my commitment, I have to say it is a blatant and tired excuse to cover up the truth. The truth of the matter is that the band had not gotten along on multiple levels for some time. On a musical level, there were moments of joy, inspiration, fun…at times, but let’s not forget the multiple trips to rehab every member of the band had taken (with the exception of one member, no need to mention his name). Personally speaking, I choose to look forward to the future and performing with a group of friends I have known my entire life, people who have always had my back. This also speaks to my commitment to my music and my fellow band mates in STP and to the fans who I feel would much rather watch a group of musicians who enjoy being together as opposed to a handful of discontents who at one time used to call themselves a gang.

    p.s. don’t be fooled by veiled trickery

    p.p.s good hunting lads, I think Sebastian Bach would be a fantastic choice.”

    Well, someone sounds bitter but is there not a hint of affection too? His statement reads like he’s talking to a ex-girlfriend who scorned him but he’s not going to rip into her all the way because boy, did they have chemistry in the sack.

    At any rate, the remaining questions are: Will STP really resurrect now that Weiland is back in the fold? Does the world really need an “Interstate Love Song 2008″?

  4. Mr. Moderator

    Thanks, snuh. FYI: One of the limitations of the Comments section on RTH is that we’re not allowed to post hyperlinked Comments text. Even when The Back Office and I do so, we have to then go in, as administrators, and code the posted URLs after the fact. As I just did with your URL, we try to go back and make them hyperlinked for Townspeople when we have a few free minutes. One of these days we hope to be so overrun with traffic that we find a way to make the mechanics of this site work another notch better for all of us.

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