Dec 302021

I offer this video to anyone who happens to be a drummer and dentist and celebrating a birthday today. Why? The fantastic bass drum playing this guy does over his head! And the cameraperson’s strange fixation on Bob Seger’s dental hygiene for most of the video. Seger slinging a thunderbird?


  4 Responses to “Video for any drummer/dentists”

  1. Definitely my favorite drum intro of all time. The roadies must have hated him.

  2. Never noticed how much “Takin’ Care of Business” resembled this.

  3. The roadies for sure, and maybe the band too. Granted, it’s an awesome flash move, but he sure seems to lose the beat when he hits the middle of the song.

    RGM: 1969
    TCB: 1973
    Advantage, Seger.

  4. Oh, I know who ripped off who. I do think that BTO did distill the lunkhead thump into a perfect radio confection. I’m not certain if TCB is good or bad, but it’s definitely perfect.

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