Jul 082007

Saw Berlyant’s purchase of Plurb’s Three O’Clock on fireworks night, and then ran into this video after work late tonight through another friend (completely coincidentally) and thought of sharing it with my fellow Townspeople! Another great link I was sent, http://chocoreve.blogspot.com if you haven’t seen it first – enjoy your Breakfast With the Beatles, your breakfast in the afternoon, and have a great Sunday, guys!


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  1. saturnismine

    80s LA Paisley! fuck yeah! but wait for a rainy fall day to break out your “rain parade” records.

    check out: http://youtube.com/watch?v=PWZfhbl7M-I

    after the magic was gone….

  2. saturnismine

    also, sally, check out this little bit on 80s LA Paisley…


    that scene was basically the only other thing happening in LA besides SST. it was pretty big.

    even Jack from TSOL wore paisley onstage…

  3. sammymaudlin

    I’m surprised that the singer’s mom let him stay out that late.

  4. Funny, I always think of Rain Parade as the band to play on the first warm day of spring! It’s actually a tradition hereabouts!

  5. saturnismine

    i suppose i associate them with the fall because i first heard them in my fall semester of college.

    but now that i think about it, yeah, they’re a good spring band, too! there is something very evocative of nature in songs like “this can’t be today”.

    emergency third rail power trip,


  6. Hey Sally Gal,

    That’s a great little clip. Before they got signed to IRS or whoever it was, they put out an EP that was pretty good -had a song called “When I Go Wild” on it. Me and my high school buddies really liked that number a lot.

    Hope all is well,
    E. Pluribus

  7. BigSteve

    Yes, the Baroque Hoedown EP. I Go Wild was groovy, and With a Canteloupe Girlfriend wa a title to die for.

  8. saturnismine

    yeah…this song, “sorry” is also from baroque hoedown. there’s also an Mv3 video of them lip synching to “cantaloupe”.

    anybody out there remember the so-called “befour three o’clock” album? i think the band was called salvation army, and it had a classic psychedellic “at the fillmore” “poster art” style cover of a girl with an army helmet on….GOOD STUFF!

  9. Mr. Moderator

    I remember that Salvation Army album. Great cover. I never fully embraced the Paisely Pop scene. I liked what they were trying to do, but the bands had a certain “true believer” sheen to them that left me feeling like I was listening to a future Spoon album;)

  10. If you click on one of the related videos after the Three O’Clock video finished playing, you can see X performing “Motel Room in my Bed” on what might be the same show (MV3) during the same time period. Wow!

  11. Hey, wow, guys! Thanks for all the comments about the LA paisley’s scene (that one video is hard to hear!) and the like. I’m just catching up today, and linking to all the links – but I’m glad that you dug the video – I kind of pictured that this is where the Figgs’ might have gotten some inspiration for their Look on their album Lo-fi At Society High –

  12. Hey Matthew or Sally Gal,

    How ’bout one of you posting an MP3 of “When I Go Wild”? I’d love to hear that track again. It’s been ages. A buddy of mine had that EP. Yeah, it was pretty good!

    E. Pluribus

  13. I actually don’t have either Plurb, (but just ordered both earlier today as per the suggestions, and they should get in by Friday). But, maybe BigSteve can post a retrospective on this for us in the meantime…?

  14. Hey Matthew or Sally Gal,

    How ’bout one of you posting an MP3 of “When I Go Wild”? I’d love to hear that track again. It’s been ages. A buddy of mine had that EP. Yeah, it was pretty good!

    E. Pluribus

    I’ll send it to you later tonight or tomorrow.

  15. MY MAN!

    Thanks, Matthew!

    E. Pluribus

  16. BigSteve

    I used to have all the Three O’Clock LPs and EPs, as well as the Salvation Army stuff, but the CDRs I made from them did not survive the flood. Sorry.

  17. Hey BigSteve – between Matthew and I (at least when mine come in later this week) I’m sure we’d be happy to send you out a comp or two – email your address and we’ll hook that up if yer interested!

  18. hrrundivbakshi

    Funny stuff featuring:

    1. A former member of the Three O’Clock who Moddie can’t stand

    2. Dave Foley

    3. Mockcarr’s bass


  19. fix that link-up, I wanna see!

  20. hrrundivbakshi

    Hm. Works for me!

  21. well, this is all i’m seeing:

    when i got the monkey, it was kinda funny, but not as funny as I’m sure a video with dave foley in it would be.

  22. hrrundivbakshi

    Here it is, broken into multiple lines:




  23. Mr. Moderator

    I linked up Hrrundi’s link properly. You can now click right on it and see what he’s sent us. Thanks.

    Hey, it’s not that I “can’t stand” Faulkner, it’s that I don’t like his records. That Bedtime with the Beatles album he did for kids is great. The guy’s a talented arranger/musician, but he needs severe editing on his own records…in my esteemed opinion, it goes without saying.

  24. BigSteve

    Sally, thanks for the Three O’Clock offer. If there’s a way to email people from this blog directly I don’t know about it. I no longer have your previous emails to my yahoo account, but you can email me at bigsteveno2 there.

  25. Hey BigSteve,

    Sure, no problem!
    Just sent you a message:)

  26. p.s. thanks for fixing that link – it was worth the wait, i love dave foley – and also, is that a silk alligator print robe? HAWT. Too funny, I love that when Dave Foley has insomnia he has a band to go see in his backyard – where’s my band?! Hm, I guess RTH IS my backyard band;)

  27. Mr. Moderator

    Was that really Dave Foley or Townsman Hrrundi? Sometimes I get them confused.

  28. ha ha ha ha – I was thinking the EXACT same thing;) he does look like Hrrundi!! In a good way, of course –

  29. hrrundivbakshi

    I take your comparisons as a compliment. There aren’t too many baggy-eyed, goofy lookin’ white dudes who have major star power, and to be compared to one makes my day; I thank you.

  30. Hrrundi, you’re the best!

  31. Mr. Moderator

    The comparison was meant as a compliment. Glad you took it that way. I like the guy so much – and you – that I hadn’t considered any other interpretation. Now as for your Scuffy Shew single…

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