Jan 212010

What would Ray Manzarek‘s thought bubble say at the 31-second mark of this excerpted interview with Jim Morrison?


  10 Responses to “Whaddaya Say, Ray?”

  1. “Not bad, but he forgot to mention me again.”

  2. “Why doesn’t he see that I want to bear his love child?”

  3. misterioso

    “Soon he will be dead and then I will have a chance to talk.”

  4. mockcarr

    “Yes Jesus, you were right to tell me not to enter that John Sebastian lookalike contest instead of joining the Doors.”

  5. “uh…yeah…like jazz you caveman!!”

    i like the way Jim foresees the arrival of Moby

  6. 2000 Man

    “I told him that.”

  7. shonuffnyesido

    “Some day it will be so much easier for me to tell people the same stories about Jimbo than to sit hear and listen to him on a daily basis.”

  8. “Damn! My shoelace is untied again.”

  9. hrrundivbakshi

    “I feel a disturbance in The Force… as though there’s a toddler in Philadelphia who’s already begun to hate me with a destructive power equal to a thousand suns…”

  10. “Oh God, he’s gonna start going off about the machines again.”

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