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How many of the following album cover ‘dos can you identify? Full credit will be given for naming the person and album, but we’ll give partial credit where due! This quiz is divided across 2 sections.

Part 1:

Hair, Pt. 1

More hair pieces…after the jump!

Part 2:

Hair, Pt. 2


  54 Responses to “Who Is It? Rocker Hair Edition!”

  1. 2. Ron Flynt (20/20) -20/20
    3, Chris Isaak – Chris Isaak
    7. Robert Palmer – Sneaking Sally Through THe Alley
    13. Sting – Outlandos d’Amour
    14. Graham Parker – Squeezing Out The Sparks
    15. Kate Bush – Hounds Of Love
    16. Tom Petty – Long After Dark

  2. Wow, if petesecrutz nailed a 20/20 guy AND knew his name I’m impressed! Thinking about it, I can see that cover. His Kate Bush call may also be spot on. I was thinking it was the Simply Red guy. Damn, you people are smart!

    #10 is Aimee Mann from a Til Tuesday album cover, right?

  3. 8. Paul Collins – The Beat

  4. cliff sovinsanity

    1. Matt Johnson from The The album Mind Bond
    6. Tegan Quin from the Tegan and Sara album Sainthood

  5. cliff sovinsanity

    Mind Bomb not bond

  6. cliff sovinsanity

    17. Julian Cope from Saint Julian

  7. tonyola

    #4 is from the Rolling Stones’ Some Girls album cover – Mick Jagger’s face with a wig.

  8. ladymisskirroyale

    12 – Bjork from “Post”

  9. ladymisskirroyale

    11 – Danny Elfman!
    5 – Mr. Royale knows his Bauhaus: Peter Murphy on the cover of “Deep.”

  10. Awesome call, if right! I thought it was Iggy Pop on Lust for Life, but then I remembered there’s not so much writing around his head.

  11. 9 & 17 remaining. I’m stumped.

  12. I would have bet your house that #1 was Roland Gift

  13. trigmogigmo

    100% right!

  14. trigmogigmo

    Yes! I thought someone would call Billy Idol for that one.

  15. trigmogigmo

    Yep! I never noticed the details on the overhead marquee there until I cropped it.

  16. trigmogigmo

    Good call! I thought that might me tough due to the low res and poor context.

  17. trigmogigmo

    Excellent! I think the Elfman one is a painting of a photo that’s on the back cover.

  18. trigmogigmo

    You have correctly corrected the Mind Bomb. Buy you have half credit so far on #6!

  19. trigmogigmo

    Tonyola is correct! And good call for picking the right Stone from among the many wigged possibilities on that cover.

  20. trigmogigmo

    Já, það er hún!

  21. trigmogigmo

    The townspeople are cleaning up! OK, at 9:30PM here on the west coast, #9 remains in play, and Cliff only has half the answer for #6. Congratulations to Petesecrutz for running nearly half the table on the first post; I will give one bonus credit for pedantically correcting two of Petesecrutz’ essentially correct answers, and I don’t mean the capitalization typo.

  22. That’s who I thought. too.

  23. ladymisskirroyale

    #13 – The Police, not just Sting…

  24. Same here.

  25. ladymisskirroyale

    I was a big Oingo Boingo fan and they liked those painted album covers.

  26. ladymisskirroyale

    What about #17? I’m sure I’ve seen it – 80’s hair metal or country rock?

  27. trigmogigmo

    You are correct, but the question asks for the person, and that is Sting. I was thinking about a couple of the album titles….

  28. ladymisskirroyale

    Gosh, it could have been Sinead O’Connor joining Matt on “Kingdom of Rain.”

  29. trigmogigmo

    Cliff correctly identified #17 as Julian Cope on Saint Julian. I was lucky enough to see a show at the Berkeley Greek Theater where he opened for Andy Summers and headliner Siouxsie and the Banshees. What a lineup!

  30. ladymisskirroyale

    So did you go to shows by all of these artists?

  31. ladymisskirroyale

    That #9 is a stumper. It looks like Paul Weller but clearly not Jam or Style Council material.

  32. I tried to use high-powered computing technology to see what was in the corner of #9, but it appears to be some new-wave version of the Ozzy runes from “Speak of the Devil,” which I couldn’t decode.

  33. trigmogigmo

    How I wish! I count 7 of these people I’ve seen live in person.

  34. cliff sovinsanity

    #6 — Upon further review it looks like I got the sisters mixed up, therefore I change my answer to Sara instead of Tegan. If anyone really cares, Sara has the thinner face and the nasally voice. Tegan is more round in the face and sings like she has walnuts in her cheeks. I like them though.

  35. trigmogigmo

    Correct! You now have the correct Quin twin.

  36. trigmogigmo

    OK, I will provide a clue or two for #9.

    This album cover features an artist who has been a major subject of discussion on RTH. The photo/scan is not high fidelity, so in terms of color accuracy, I would describe the hair color here as strawberry blonde.

  37. ladymisskirroyale

    I’ll tell you one thing: don’t go googling “Strawberry Blonde Male Rock Star”…Oooph!

  38. Could #9 be Dave Edmunds?

  39. trigmogigmo

    No, but … cool, I just found a YouTube video of Edmunds performing with this person on something I didn’t know Edmunds was involved with!

  40. ladymisskirroyale

    Chez Royale is guessing Bryan Adams.

  41. trigmogigmo

    Interesting guess! So I searched youtube for Dave Edmunds and Bryan Adams and there is a hit for the pairing, but neither is correct.

    Next hints, a trio: One of the other bandmembers on this album cover was featured in a past RTH “who is it?” where Chez Royale scored a pertinent hit. Mr. Mod mentioned a specific song from this album recently.

  42. ladymisskirroyale

    Gary Tibbs from Code Blue, etc.?

  43. BigSteve

    Is #9 Brian Setzer? Edmunds produced them, but I don’t remember them being talked about much here at RTH.

  44. BigSteve

    By ‘them’ I mean the Stray Cats.

  45. trigmogigmo

    Good efforts, but no.

    At the time of this very well-known and enormously successful album (their third), this band was a trio:
    – Person who is an all-time rock A-lister.
    – Person from previous “who is it?” thread, obscure to the world but well-known, at least by name, to most townspeople.
    – Person whose hair is the question here.

  46. ladymisskirroyale

    Linda!!!!! Band on the Run!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. trigmogigmo

    We have a winner!
    Bonus with Dave Edmunds:

  48. You may be right. Even if not, AWESOME!

  49. The pedantically correction of my answers.
    Sneakin’ Sally Through The Alley
    Squeezing Out Sparks

  50. trigmogigmo

    Nice! Exactly right.

  51. trigmo, Mad Props! for that brilliantly executed and managed game!

  52. ladymisskirroyale

    I would love to take credit for finally getting this, as that hair was an object of obsession in our household all weekend. Mr. Royale apparently logged in to me after spending several more moments this morning trying to figure this out. Kudos to Mr. Royale for his tenacity and visual memory…I married a true rock nerd.

  53. trigmogigmo

    Thanks, that was fun!

    The answers are graphically depicted here and listed below:

    1 – Matt Johnson (The The) – Mind Bomb
    (cliff sovinsanity)
    2 – Ron Flynt (20/20) – 20/20
    3 – Chris Isaak – Chris Isaak
    4 – Mick Jagger (The Rolling Stones) – Some Girls
    5 – Peter Murphy – Deep
    6 – Sara Quin (Tegan and Sara) – Sainthood
    (cliff sovinsanity)
    7 – Robert Palmer – Sneakin’ Sally Through the Alley
    8 – Paul Collins (The Beat) – The Beat
    9 – Linda McCartney (Wings) – Band on the Run

    10 – Aimee Mann (Til Tuesday) – Voices Carry
    (Mr. Moderator)
    11 – Danny Elfman – So-Lo
    12 – Björk – Post
    13 – Sting (The Police) – Outlandos d’Amour
    14 – Graham Parker – Squeezing Out Sparks
    15 – Kate Bush – Hounds of Love
    16 – Tom Petty – Long After Dark
    17 – Julian Cope – Saint Julian
    (cliff sovinsanity)

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