Apr 192009

Have you ever seen the VH1 Classic show That Metal Show? Every once in a while I’m flipping channels and, although I have almost zero interest in heavy metal music, I stop flipping when this show is on and watch for about 15 minutes. It’s really well done, and I’m envious that Rock Town Hall doesn’t have its own VH1 Classic show on which we could do our thing, discuss our music, with a live audience composed of our Townspeople.

For as little as I know and care about metal, I know even less about the hosts, some guy named Eddie Trunk and his two middle-aged buddies. I know not a thing about these dudes, in fact, but I care about them. They’re funny enough. They’re nerdy, knowledgeable, and opinionated about the music they love. They love the music they love for many of the same reasons, from solid to ridiculous, that we love the music we love. Unlike other, rare rock discussion shows I’ve seen on tv or heard on the radio over the years (eg, that radio show out of Chicago), That Metal Show doesn’t seem to be loaded with stock, publicist-inspired crit-ass kissing. This show seems more natural and sincere.

If you’ve never seen this show, I suggest you check it out. If you have seen it, what do you think?


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  1. Mr. Moderator

    Fixed! Thanks for pointing out the bad link, Sat. Now discuss.

  2. I have seen it and I enjoy it. It mixes some serious discussions about metal music along with a few comedy bits. But, like Mod said, it’s the passion that drives this little show along. These dudes seriously love the music they are talking about and they revere certain artists who have been overlooked by the mainstream.

    I don’t know a whole lot about Trunk, but he’s obviously a metal encyclopedia. ONe of the show’s features is a quiz called “Stump The Trunk” where audience members get to ask Eddie about some obscure metal fact. If he gets it wrong (and he actually does) they get a prize (usually something like a Black Sabbath box set).

    Jim Florentine is a comedian who I believe is responsible for Special Ed on Comedy Central’s Crank Yankers. He’s also done some other characters on that show (that’s how you know his Colin Quinnesue NYC rough voice).

    Don Jamieson is also a comedian who has done some writing for various shows.


  3. I haven’t watched too much of this show, mainly because VH1 Classic has really overdosed on the “metal doesn’t get enough respect, man!” perspective, via endless documentaries, concert films etc. (Though I probably will eventually watch that Anvil movie when it comes out on DVD.)

  4. I love this show

    Eddie Trunk is the XM Boneyard host & has a syndicated Hard Rock show on XM (6-10 weeknights on XM 53 / Sirius 19)

    He does not like to call it Metal, it’s Hard Rock that he is into (including Van Halen, Kiss, UFO, Rush) not just the super heavy stuff. VH1 insisted on the title “That Metal Show”

    The other two are NY stand-up comics that are also rock fans (Jim Jim Florentine is funny as hell BTW)

    I had a good email conversation with Eddie Trunk about Van Halen a few years back after hearing his XM show. (the Mike Anthony issue)

    He is not too-cool-for-the-room (I guess hard rock is about the “fans” right?) and will debate anyone and knows more useless hard rock triva than any one on earth (who was the original bassist for The Bullet Boys? He knows!)

    So although Hard Rock / Metal is not really my bag, at least there is a place for music conversation by the fans (like this place, only on the air)

  5. I do think that Eddie Trunk is the best aspect of this show. The other two are definitely there for comic relief.

    One of my favorite bits on this show was when they were outside a recent Van Halen show pretending to converse with the band backstage. They were basically fooling the fans by giving them the opportunity to talk to the guys while they relayed their response to the unkknowing fans. One poor chap got despondent when he thought he was insulting the guys…

    Classic stuff.


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