Mar 082016

Wasn’t rock & roll much better off when Marc Bolan went from fey elfin pseudo-Tolkien:

to boys&girls&love&sex rock & roller:

Feb 112016
Doesn't care anymore

Doesn’t care anymore

Elvis is the King of Rock & Roll. Michael Jackson is the King of Pop. Bruce is The Boss. James Brown is the Godfather of Soul. And somebody or other is the Godfather of Punk.

But I am the Curmudgeon of Rock & Roll! I am the Go-Play-On-Your-Own-Property Of Pop!

I suppose it started when I signed on to Team No Good Music Since 1982, back in the days of RTH v.1. And it’s only become worse. Here’s the latest evidence.

Jan 292016

I’d like to welcome Townsman Mark to the Hall. Or maybe I’m welcoming him under some other name as I’m not sure how he registered; I’ll let him introduce himself if he’d like.

Mark is an old acquaintance. We’ve had little contact since I met him around 30 yeas ago and not a lot even then. But…there’s been quite a lot of contact in the last week and Mark has posed some thoughts/issues that seem cut from the RTH mold. And he’s posed them in the insightful/witty/sarcastic manner that is a hallmark of the Hall. I asked his permission to steal one for the Hall and suggested he check us out. He’s joined and now I’m opening this thread but it’s really Mark’s in conception and in words.

Al: “Take over Mark.”

So, on to musical schizophrenic killers we love…

I’ll start with Jim Gordon (drums) – disciple of Hal Blaine & Wrecking Crew; toured with Everly Brothers, Derek & The Dominos, Joe Cocker’s Mad Dogs & EnglishmanDelanie & Bonnie, Traffic, Souther-Furay-HIllman; played on Beach Boys‘ Pet Sounds, Dave Mason’s Alone Together, Steely Dan’s Pretzel Logic, Traffic’s Low Spark of High-Heeled Boys, Emitt Rhodes’ The American Dream

In 1983, he attacked his 72-year-old mother, Osa Marie Gordon, with a hammer before fatally stabbing her with a butcher knife, after claiming the voice told him to kill her.


All-Star Jam

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Dec 072015

RTH has been a lonely place lately. My excuse has been spending 10 days in Italy. While wondering around Rome (my wife and I walked 36 miles in 4 days!) we stumbled upon a church. And, yes, I know that’s not hard to do in Rome. This was one I’ve never been to before and I can’t even remember the name. Pretty plain by Rome standards. I snapped this picture of a side altar:

all-star marshall

What a Marshall amp was doing on an altar in Rome I have no idea.

Do you? Any unlikely place you’ve stumbled on rock & roll lately?

Oct 142015

Simple one. Name an album, song title, or lyric which contains the name of a street. Doesn’t have to be an actual street but must be in the form of an actual street. So “boulevard of broken dreams is out” but Rue Morgue Avenue – from Dylan’s “Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues,” performed in the video by Nina Simone just because I stumbled upon it and like it – is in.

Standard rules. One entry at a time. Decision of the judge is final.

Mar 262015

Maybe this can be a new regular feature of RTH.

I was just reading a little bit about Pete Townshend‘s latest recycling effort, a classical version of Quadrophenia to be released on 22 June:

Pete Townshend’s symphonic reimagining of The Who’s Quadrophenia will be released by classical label Deutsche Grammophon this June.

The album has been orchestrated by his partner, Rachel Fuller and includes Pete on electric guitar on the record. English tenor Alfie Boe provides most of the vocals – there is no participation from Roger Daltrey.

orchestrated by Rachel Fuller
Featuring Pete Townshend – Alfie Boe – Billy Idol · Phil Daniels
The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
Robert Ziegler

If you want more details/track listing you can go here:

Now, Pete ranks up there with Bowie and Costello for most frequent reissues. Pete’s churning doesn’t need to be as expensive as Bowie’s or Costello’s because the Who catalogue really isn’t that extensive. And I stopped being tempted several years ago.


Quadrophenia is probably my favorite Who album and this does tempt me. I fear, though, that the reality will be far less than the possibilities I imagine now in theory. I’d hope that it will really be something different and I fear it will be the same old Quadrophenia with some strings/brass taped over it.

I can’t say this teaser does much to make me hopeful:

How about you? Tempted? Or not tempted?

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