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Oct 122010

A shot in the arm of the recording industry!

For a while now, I’ve been wondering when the music industry would grab their shoulders with both hands and yank their collective head out of their collective ass.

Now, they are finally starting to cater to the criminally underserved 78 rpm market.

According to Tom Waitswebsite, “On November 19th, Preservation Hall Recordings will release 504 limited edition hand-numbered 78 rpm vinyl records featuring two tracks by the Preservation Hall Jazz Band with very special guest Tom Waits.”

Although this doesn’t benefit me directly, it gives me hope that someday soon I’ll be able to enjoy new releases on my preferred format, the wax cylinder.

On a related note, is anybody else excited about the Leon Redbone box set that is being released exclusively on 1,500 kg piano rolls?


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  1. BigSteve

    I assume the reason it’s 504 copies is that 504 is area code for New Orleans.

  2. cherguevarra

    I think that’s very cool. Recently there was also the Dead Weather’s limited edition record which was two sides of a 12″ glued together. If you pry them apart, there is a 7″ inside with an otherwise unreleased song.

    Check it out:

    Of course, you could always try to collect yourself one of these:

  3. Thanks Big Steve. I was wondering about that…

  4. That “triple decker record” is awesome.

    I’m very conflicted about Jack White. He comes off like such a douche sometimes, and yet just in that video alone, I’ve learned that he has apparently invented the record inside a record as well as the Texas-sized 13″ record. I love those kind of PT Barnum-esque shenanigans.

  5. cherguevarra

    White didn’t create that stuff – he just had a record made by the same people who did.

    I always wished I had bought that Pink Slip Daddy 10″, you know the one.

  6. I still wish our band had released its second slab of vinyl, a 7-song ep, on 10 inches. In fact, that may be one of my Top 10 regrets, ranking one spot behind our decision to press 2000 copies of our second record after selling out the 1000 copies of our first ep! Contact me offlist if you’d like a “box set” of Traps, Buckshot & Pelt.

  7. 2000 Man

    78? WTF? Everyone knows that no recordings have been as good as that very first recording from France, a phonautogram, which is recorded with smoke. Everyone knows that a burning log makes smoke, and that’s the true analog, if you ask me.

    I really wish people would quit pissing around with gimmicky records and just make sure the regular ones they’re making sounded great. Some of them do, but some of them come out of the shrink wrap and pop and crackle before you even get them onto the turntable, I swear!

  8. So does this make Jack White the “Chef Paul Prudhomme of rock and roll”? (creator of the Turducken)

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