Oct 112015

Jumbo had just come off the road with the Del Fuegos, he, Andrew Barnes, and Brendan McCabe were hired as a package by an agency who didn’t know how small the venues were in the US. They overreached. Anyway, the Fuegos had just got off the road opening for Tom Petty, where the Fuegos were given the treatment he gave you. Despite his size, he was kinda young and puppy like—didn’t realize how big or intimidating he could be. So—the Lime Spiders came into the US a few days prior to the Revival show. They had time off & stayed in Philly. I was their first call because they knew me from the Chestnut Cabaret and needed to find some rental gear due to some mix ups…so…Cut to the Revival show. I warned them that it was not going to have much lighting, and that it was a small stage—but they were floored. They really were expecting something a lot more than Revivals minimal live band production. So, here they are…realizing that their next two months were going to be hell. Yep. That’s your story. He was just beside himself that day. Made worse by me being pissed because he was an ass to you & Bob Denney. And there is most of the story . Brendan, the sound engineer, did well—he became the Replacements’ front-of-house engineer on bigger tours. We were hired as a package for the Feelies in ’91. Andrew Barnes moved to Copenhagen. I saw him last with Patti Smith. Jumbo? Haven’t seen him. It was probably his last tour. I think he is working in another field. Not everyone should tour. You broke him, Jim. His macho shattered.


  3 Responses to “30 Bands I’ve Shared a Stage With”

  1. Cheating on RTH with Facebook?!?

  2. BigSteve

    That must have been one humongous elevator to contain your band, the Ramones, and eight other bands in between.

  3. Excellent list! The Godfathers! Birth! School! Work! Death!

    Amy Rigby is always entertaining. I have seen her many times and a favorite was when she was with Marti Jones on the “Cynical Girls” tour. Her soon-to-be husband, Wreckless Eric opened as I recall.

    I saw the Lemonheads once — Evan Dando was on something not good — he and whatever dudes where in the band in the late 90s ham-handed their way through about 20 songs in what seemed like 45 minutes. That said, I still dig out the best of the Lemonheads CD that Atlantic put out around the time the band broke up the first time.

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