Oct 112015

I’ve already exhausted this topic with my close, personal Facebook friends, but since some of you are not part of that hallowed crowd (and some of you don’t even use Facebook), let me re-post it here. (For those of you not on Facebook, this was posted in response to a rash of musicians listing 30 cool bands they’ve shared a stage with.)


I’ll break down and join in on a self-serving 30 Bands I’ve Shared a Stage With post, grouping bands thematically and in alphabetical order. (Apologies to any artists I’ve sincerely forgotten.)

10 Local/”Cousin” Bands I’ve Thoroughly Enjoyed My Band Sharing a Stage With Numerous Times:


  3 Responses to “30 Bands I’ve Shared a Stage With”

  1. Cheating on RTH with Facebook?!?

  2. BigSteve

    That must have been one humongous elevator to contain your band, the Ramones, and eight other bands in between.

  3. Excellent list! The Godfathers! Birth! School! Work! Death!

    Amy Rigby is always entertaining. I have seen her many times and a favorite was when she was with Marti Jones on the “Cynical Girls” tour. Her soon-to-be husband, Wreckless Eric opened as I recall.

    I saw the Lemonheads once — Evan Dando was on something not good — he and whatever dudes where in the band in the late 90s ham-handed their way through about 20 songs in what seemed like 45 minutes. That said, I still dig out the best of the Lemonheads CD that Atlantic put out around the time the band broke up the first time.

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