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Simple one. Name an album, song title, or lyric which contains the name of a street. Doesn’t have to be an actual street but must be in the form of an actual street. So “boulevard of broken dreams is out” but Rue Morgue Avenue – from Dylan’s “Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues,” performed in the video by Nina Simone just because I stumbled upon it and like it – is in.

Standard rules. One entry at a time. Decision of the judge is final.


  304 Responses to “Last Man Standing: Where the Streets Have a Name”

  1. Where you’re likely to find Bob Seger: Main Street.

  2. Which raises a question I’ll answer before it is asked. An street name can be used only once. There must be dozens of songs with Main Street in it but that’s off the table now.

  3. tonyola

    Low-hanging fruit – Beatles with “Penny Lane”

  4. Shakedown Street

  5. cherguevarra

    The Cure – Fascination Street

  6. cherguevarra

    The Dead gone Disco, what could be better?

  7. It’s a match made in heaven!

  8. down at the end of Lonely Street

    (I thought I posted this earlier but must have not hit “Submit”. If it shows up twice, please count it as two points.)

  9. Ludlow Street — Suzanne Vega — from the somewhat overlooked 2001 album “Songs in Red and Gray” — ruminations on the breakup of her marriage to Mitch Froom and the death of her brother.


  10. H. Munster

    This is all one entry:
    “Funky Broadway” Wilson Pickett
    “On Broadway” The Drifters
    “Boogaloo Down Broadway” The Fantastic Johnny C
    “Nights on Broadway” The Bee Gees

    I’m sure you can add some.

  11. cherguevarra

    Conversation off Floral Street – The Zombies

  12. tonyola

    The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway – Genesis (both song and album)

  13. tonyola

    Eddy Grant – “Electric Avenue”

  14. BigSteve

    Van Morrison, Cypress Avenue

  15. H. Munster

    The Rolling Stones — “2120 South Michigan Avenue”

  16. May have to figure out a way for bonus points for an entry that includes an exact address with number.

  17. Utopia Parkway – Fountains of Wayne

  18. H. Munster

    Rolling Stones “Route 66”

  19. Bob Dylan – Positively 4th Street

  20. tonyola

    Billy Joel – 52nd Street (song and album)

  21. “Baker Street”—Gerry Rafferty

    “Mercy Street”—Peter Gabriel

    “Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out”—Bruce Springsteen…and the E Street Band

  22. Remember – only one entry per post

  23. cherguevarra

    Uh… “walking down hip street,” tower of power. I’m sure they have many fans here.

  24. H. Munster

    Some British group released an album called “Abbey Road.”

  25. Does hip street intersect the boulevard of broken dreams anywhere?

  26. And this seems like a good spot to throw in Booker T. & The MGs’ McLemore Avenue.

  27. Does This Bus Stop at 82nd Street? – Bruce Springsteen

  28. H. Munster

    “Boogie Street” — Leonard Cohen

  29. Telephone Road – Steve Earle

  30. cherguevarra

    Yes, at Broken Hip Circle.

  31. cherguevarra

    Ryan Adams – Shakedown on 9th Street

  32. Do intersections count if they don’t have the words “street” or “ave” attached?

    If so, 53rd and 3rd.

  33. More Bruce – E Street Shuffle

  34. H. Munster, you’re one of our strongest LMS players. Remember, keep it to one entry per post, or DON’T BOGART THAT POST. Thanks!

  35. Blue Jay Way (and that’s not the only “Way” that comes to mind…)

  36. BigSteve

    Steve Earle, Copperhead Road

  37. BigSteve

    Dire Straits, Telegraph Road

  38. BigSteve

    Eminem, 8 Mile Road

  39. BigSteve

    Professor Longhair, Mardi Gras in New Orleans

    “You will see the Zulu King down on St. Claude and Dumaine.”

  40. The Move’s “Blackberry Way”

  41. BigSteve

    The Standells, Riot on Sunset Strip

  42. BigSteve

    Louis Armstrong, Basin Street Blues

  43. BigSteve

    Is there an actual Love Street, as in the Doors song?

  44. 9th And Hennepin, if intersections count.

  45. That is definitely allowable.

  46. Lonely Street made it, so why not Love Street?

  47. Positively 4th Street
    Does This Bus Stop At 82nd Street?
    52nd Street
    9th & Hennepin
    10th Avenue Freeze-Out
    53rd & 3rd

    How many numbered streets can we find?

    I’ll add The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin’ Groovy)

  48. But only Hennepin counts in this entry since 9th was already taken – Ryan Adams – Shakedown on 9th Street

  49. tonyola

    Mott the Hoople – “Angel of Eighth Avenue”

  50. Tobacco Road

  51. mockcarr

    Keyhole Street by Pete Ham on Golder’s Green

  52. The Flamin’ Groovies’ “Shakin’ Street”


  53. tonyola

    Not a chance!

    “The Battle of All Saints Road” – Big Audio Dynamite


  54. “Up to Lexington 125…” – “I’m Waiting for My Man”

  55. tonyola

    Richard Hell & The Voidoids – Destiny Street (song and album)

  56. cherguevarra

    Gin Blossoms, Allison Road.


  57. Another Bruce numbered street – Incident On 57th Street

  58. cherguevarra

    Thunder Road.

    Womp womp!

  59. Funky Street – Arthur Conley, I think.


  60. cherguevarra

    14th Street – Rufus Wainwright.

  61. tonyola

    Sweet Thursday – “Gilbert Street”


  62. cherguevarra

    Aztec Camera – Killermont Street
    (also covered by Fountains of Wayne)


  63. tonyola

    Pink Floyd – “On Noodle Street”

    Not dead yet!

  64. BigSteve

    Late Night, Maudlin Street, Morrissey

    Most Recent Man Standing!

  65. Jefferson Airplane – 2400 Fulton Street

  66. cherguevarra

    Highway 61.

  67. Jubilee Street – Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds


  68. cherguevarra

    Vine Street – Randy Newman, as also performed by Nilsson and Van Dyke Parks.


  69. tonyola

    Procol Harum – “Lime Street Blues”


  70. The Kinks – Denmark Street

  71. cherguevarra

    Donald Fagan – Green Flower Street.

  72. tonyola

    Tom Waits – “Virginia Avenue”


    Back in 1973 when Tom still had a real singing voice.

  73. cherguevarra

    Kraftwerk – Autobahn!

  74. The Band – Yazoo Street Scandal

  75. ladymisskirroyale

    I love that song.

  76. ladymisskirroyale

    Green Dolphin Street – choose your preferred version

  77. H. Munster

    “Ventura Highway” — America

  78. Donovan – Sunny Goodge Street

  79. cherguevarra

    Creeque Alley – Mamas and the Papas

    LMS for five minutes!

  80. “There are stars in every city
    In every house and on every street
    And if you walk down Hollywood Boulevard
    Their names are written in concrete”

    Kinks – “Celluloid Heroes”

  81. cliff sovinsanity

    I had no idea The Flamin Groovies covered that song. We are talking about the MC5 song, right?

  82. cliff sovinsanity

    10CC – The Wall Street Shuffle

  83. cherguevarra

    Nick Lowe – Basing Street

  84. H. Munster

    In “Lafayette Blues” the White Stripes mention several Detroit streets including Lafayette.

  85. “Dead End Street,” The Kinks!

  86. cliff sovinsanity

    The Clash – London Burning

    “I’m up and down the Westway, in and out the lights
    What a great traffic system – it’s so bright”

  87. cherguevarra

    Lindsay Buckingham – Holiday Road.

  88. ladymisskirroyale

    The Go-Betweens: “Streets of Your Town”

  89. “Yellow Brick Road,” Captain Beefheart.

  90. ladymisskirroyale

    Elton feels left out.

  91. ladymisskirroyale

    Aztec Camera – On the Avenue

  92. H. Munster

    “Pleasant Street” — Tim Buckley

  93. Per the thread title, the streets have to have a name. U2 took care of all the streets with no name!

  94. ladymisskirroyale

    While I understand that the task is a specific street, I believe that the street being referenced is a particular one, even if it’s not named. Just like the Go-Betweens song is talking about particular streets as it references a specific town (your town). Maybe I’m just pushing the envelope 🙂

  95. ladymisskirroyale

    Burt Bacharach – “Bond Street”

  96. tonyola

    Another Tom Waits song – “Kentucky Avenue”


  97. diskojoe

    I finally got back on this site & I have a song that fits this catagory to boot: “Denmark Street” by The Cleaners From Venus a/k/a Friend of the Hall Martin Newell:


  98. cherguevarra

    Ron Sexsmith – Galbraith Street

    A song worth hearing – just don’t expect a party:

  99. ladymisskirroyale

    The Go-Betweens had a mid-career album, called “16 Lovers Lane”

  100. tonyola

    Be Bop Deluxe – “Down on Terminal Street”


  101. cherguevarra

    Roddy Frame (again) – Crossing Newbury Street.

  102. cliff sovinsanity

    Another Steve Earle song – “Hillbilly Highway”

  103. Welcome back! But try again as Denmark Street (via the Kinks song with that name) has already been used.

  104. XTC (and not friend of the Hall, Andy Partridge) – Respectable Street

  105. H. Munster

    Joni Mitchell mentions the Champs Elysee in “Free Man in Paris.”

  106. 2000 Man

    The Pagans – Shit Street. One of Cleveland’s finest!

  107. ladymisskirroyale

    Another Go-Betweens album, “Bellavista Terrace.” I looked it up, as I wasn’t sure where it was – nice real estate there.

  108. Tom Waits again – Fannin Street

  109. misterioso

    Dylan, “Tangled Up in Blue”: “I lived with them on Montague Street…”

  110. Mott – Crash Street Kidds

  111. Elvis Costello – “Blue Murder On Union Avenue”

  112. cherguevarra

    Awaiting judgment on: Pleasant Valley Sunday – Carole King/Monkees

    The song refers to Pleasant Valley Road, in South Orange, NJ, even though the word “road” is not used.

  113. Triumvirat – “Panic On 5th Avenue”


  114. misterioso

    Bob Dylan, “Desolation Row”

  115. We are on the honor system here at RTH so PVS is accepted.

  116. More Bob, from Bob Dylan’s New Orleans Rag “He slid, slidin’ backwards down Rampart Street”

  117. cherguevarra

    Everybody owns U2’s album, “Songs of Innocence” so of course you are familiar with their song, “Cedarwood Road.”

  118. H. Munster

    Simon and Garfunkel mention “the whores on Seventh Avenue” in “The Boxer.”

  119. H. Munster

    Freddie Cannon also mentions Sunset Strip in “Where the Action Is”.

  120. I wish I was on the N17 – Saw Doctors

  121. misterioso

    Bob Dylan, “Where Are You Tonight (Journey Through Dark Heat)”: “There’s a neon light ablaze in the green smoky haze and laughter down on Elizabeth Street”

  122. “Rolling down 295 out of Portland Maine…” Jackson Browne, Nothing But Time

  123. misterioso

    Others mention it of course, but I’m sticking with Bob till I run out, “Talkin’ World War III Blues”: “I seen a Cadillac window uptown / And there was nobody around / I got into the driver’s seat and I drove down 42nd Street! / In my Cadillac. / Good car to drive after a war.”

  124. BigSteve

    Liberty Street, from The New Basement Tapes

  125. BigSteve

    Bourbon Street, from the old Basement Tapes

  126. cherguevarra

    Kate Bush – Snowed In At Wheeler Street

    LMS LMS!!

  127. Christian Street – Marah

  128. cherguevarra

    Aimee Mann – Columbus Ave.
    From the “Smilers” album that I never gave a fair chance because I thought it was boring.

  129. The Rutles, “Doubleback Alley”

  130. misterioso

    Dylan, “Meet Me in the Morning,” “56th and Wabasha”

  131. Kings Highway – Tom Petty/Joe Henry/etc

  132. tonyola

    HP Lovecraft – “Country Boy & Bleeker Street”


  133. 2000 Man

    The Stones – Dance Pt. 1.

    Hey, what am I doing standing here on the corner of West 8th Street and 6th Ave-nyue?

  134. cherguevarra

    Elvis Costello – Pony Street
    Anyone read his book yet?

  135. trigmogigmo

    Dire Straits – Wild West End

    “I saw you walking out Shaftesbury Avenue”

  136. John Mayall – Saw Mill Gulch Road

  137. trigmogigmo

    Tom Petty — Kings Road (from Hard Promises)

  138. ladymisskirroyale

    Thanks, tonyola, for jogging my memory:

    Gorrilaz: M1 A1.

  139. misterioso

    Wow, never actually heard them. They’re, well, not good.

  140. misterioso

    Bob Dylan, “Stuck Inside of Mobile” : “the bricks fall on Grand Street where the neon madmen climb”

  141. ladymisskirroyale

    The Go-Betweens, “Streets of Your Town:” “I took it down there to Sheridan Street…”

  142. misterioso

    Bob Dylan, “Senor”: “can you tell me where we’re heading / Lincoln County Road or Armageddon”

  143. H. Munster

    Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers talking about cruising down Highway 128 in “Roadrunner.”

  144. misterioso

    Bob Dylan, “Sara” : “You were there in the winter, moonlight on the snow / And on Lily Pond Lane when the weather was warm”

  145. NJ Turnpike – Simon & Garfunkel’s “America”

  146. The LIE – Laser Show, Fountains of Wayne

  147. cherguevarra

    ‘A’ Bomb In Wardour Street – The Jam

    LMS again!

  148. trigmogigmo

    LMKR jogged my memory with “M1 A1”:

    Paul McCartney references in “Helen Wheels” a Kendal Freeway and the M6.

  149. ELO – “Manhattan Rumble (49th Street Massacre)”

  150. H. Munster

    Gun Club — “House on Highland Avenue”

  151. Mermaid Avenue – Wilco and Billy Brag

  152. From the previously cited Denmark Street by the Kinks – “Down the way from the Tottenham Court Road’

  153. H. Munster

    The Posies — “Sweethearts of Rodeo Drive”

  154. misterioso

    Wilbert Harrison, “Kansas City” : “standing on the corner / 12th Street and Vine”


  155. cherguevarra

    The National – The Geese of Beverly Road (located in beeyoutiful Ditmas Park, Brooklyn, I believe)

  156. Free Love Freeway by Ricky Gervais with Noel Gallagher. This probably also takes the Hot Love Highway off the board unless it’s mentioned in another song.


  157. tonyola

    Another one from Mott the Hoople – “Carch Street Kidds”


  158. I used to see the band Crash Street Kids in college.

    Mid-80s power trio:

    The cover of their record is a good one for this LMS

  159. misterioso

    Van Morrison, “On Hyndford Street”

  160. cliff sovinsanity

    Neil Young & Randy Bachman – Prairie Town

    The song mentions the intersection of Portage avenue and Main street in Winnipeg which is said to be the coldest intersection in Canada

  161. 2000 Man

    Rod Stewart – Gasoline Alley

  162. cherguevarra

    Prince – Alphabet Street

    Take that SUCKAZ!!!!

  163. misterioso

    Van Morrison, “Quality Street”


  164. BabaOLewie

    Route 88 from “Spirit in the Night” — there LOTS of Bruce left.

  165. Loudon Wainwright III – Carmine Street

  166. BabaOLewie

    And I have a question. If I have a specific intersection, but the two streets have each already been covered, am I SOL?

  167. BabaOLewie

    For now will go with the Duke Street Kings from Backstreets.

  168. I-76, G-Love

  169. BabaOLewie

    The road on which the Greyhound Bus was travelling when the Ramblin’ Man was born in the back seat — Highway 41.

  170. BabaOLewie

    I meant rolling

  171. Yes, you are on the corner of S and OL!

  172. cherguevarra

    Richard Thompson – Psycho Street

    This is getting epic, you guys.

  173. Richard Thompson in Al Bowlly’s In Heaven – “Beats standing all day down on Scarborough Street”

  174. BabaOLewie

    Clapton’s back from the dead album 461 Ocean Boulevard.

    I’m late to the party but I’m just getting going.


  175. BabaOLewie

    Springsteen, ball hog that he is, is jealous.

  176. BabaOLewie

    It’s OK, I spend a lot of time there.

  177. cliff sovinsanity

    Bob Seger – Horizontal Bop

    The song mentions something about “pony cars cruising on Woodward Avenue..”

  178. cherguevarra

    Oh, I know, how about:

    Walking Down Madison, by Kirsty Macoll

  179. BabaOLewie

    Jesse Malin is burning on The Bowery

  180. trigmogigmo

    Tom Petty – “American Girl”

    she could hear the cars roll by out on 441 like waves crashing on the beach

  181. tonyola

    Thomas Dolby – “Cloudburst at Shingle Street”

  182. BabaOLewie

    The Kinks’ Dedicated Follower of Fashion is seen on Regent Street.

  183. mockcarr

    The Minutemen’s album title Double Nickels On The Dime refers to doing 55 mph on Route 110.

  184. Elvis Presley Boulevard – Tennessee Plates by John Hiatt

  185. H. Munster

    In Jan and Dean’s “The Little Old Lady from Pasadena,” the protagonist is described as “the terror of Colorado Boulevard.”

  186. BabaOLewie

    Not sure if Charles Wright and the Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band counts — no self-titled album — so I’ll go with

    “Across 110th Street,” Bobby Womack.

  187. Back to Bob on Dirge – “a trip down Suicide Road”

  188. misterioso

    Jonathan Richman, “Twilight in Boston” : “Now we’re walking up Beacon Street / Through the Back Bay there”


  189. A soon-to-be-recorded Nixon’s Head song, “The Healer,” refers to California’s “the 5,” as they call it out there. I won’t count this as a Last Man Standing, because the song is not yet recorded let alone available for public consumption, but I’m just sayin’ that one day I will come back and post this entry for the win!

  190. BabaOLewie

    This is for my friend and fellow Genesis-devotee cdm.

    The epic “Battle of Epping Forest” from Selling England By The Pound starts with some sort of problem with involving cars — luxury cars! — along the Forest Road.

  191. cherguevarra

    Sonic Youth – Pacific Coast Highway


  192. From Dylan’s first album comes Highway 51

  193. H. Munster

    Blue Rodeo mentions Toronto’s Queen Street in “Western Skies.”

  194. BabaOLewie

    We’ve all hung out on Love Street and been down to the end of Lonely Street but according to Uncle John’s Band when life looks like Easy Street there’s danger at your door.

  195. tonyola

    Gasolin’ – “Lonesome Avenue”


  196. cherguevarra

    Lloyd Cole, “tell your sister”
    “Why don’t you come down to Rue Morgue Avenue?”

  197. tonyola

    Procol Harum – “Crucifiction Lane”


    As an aside, Cory Wells, one of the three original lead singers of Three Dog Night, has just died at the age of 74.

  198. Rue Morgue Avenue started off this whole thread.

  199. Dirty Blvd – Lou Reed the way he was meant to sound!

    Last Man Standing – the way it was meant to be!

  200. cherguevarra

    Oh dang! Ok.

  201. How did that one stay on the board so long?

  202. I just saw that and was talking some Three Dog Night with old friend dbuskirk.

  203. cherguevarra

    Ugh, ok, Billy Joel, Moving Out
    “he works for Mr caciatori down on Sullivan street…”

  204. Ew… have some self esteem, Cher. You’re better than that.

  205. Flamingo Lane – Jungleland, Bruce

  206. tonyola

    Bow Street Runners – by the group of the same name. A few more comments and we’ll get this topic in the “Most Commented Posts” list!

  207. To quote a previous entry (Highway 61 Revisited) “Yes, I think it can be very easily done”.

  208. From Richard Thompson’s Beeswing “I took a job in the steamie down on Cauldrum Street”

  209. cherguevarra

    We all have our low points.

  210. cherguevarra

    Prison on Route 41 – Calexico

  211. mockcarr

    Uncle Floyd’s parody – Deep In The Heart Of Jersey – says “Route 17, the traffic there is mean”

    Last Man Coughing

  212. misterioso

    Robyn Hitchcock, “De Chirico Street”

  213. H. Munster

    “The Peppermint Twist” — Joey Dee and the Starlighters

    “Meet me baby down on 45th Street”

  214. The Kinks – Salvation Road

  215. tonyola

    Tom Waits yet again – “I Can’t Wait to Get Off Work (And See My Baby on Montgomery Avenue)”

  216. cherguevarra

    Seven Bridges Road – the eagles, dolly Parton, probably somebody else…

  217. BabaOLewie

    When Mark Cohn goes Walking in Memphis, he walks with his feet 10 feet off of Beale (and maybe his feet other places too, I’m not sure).

  218. H. Munster

    “All the People Who Died” — The Jim Carroll Band

    Teddy sniffin’ glue, he was 12 years old
    Fell from the roof on East Two Nine

  219. tonyola

    Barclay James Harvest – “Polk Street Rag”

  220. Lake Shore Drive – Aliotta Haynes Jeremiah


    Bassist Mitch Aliotta died three months ago at age 71, Here’s a clip of Aliotta in Rotary Connection with Minnie Riperton covering Lady Jane (after an extended psychedelic introduction):


  221. Richard Thompson – The Boys Of Mutton Street

  222. Sticking with the Windy City theme…

    Chicago – Frank Sinatra

    “On State Street, that great street, I just want to say, they do things they don’t do on Broadway.”

  223. cherguevarra

    Thomas Dolby (again) – Screen Kiss
    “Where every road has a name like Beachwood Avenue, or so it seems…”

  224. cliff sovinsanity

    Lou Reed – Halloween Parade

    It’s a 3 fer because he mentions Christopher Street, Avenue B and Avenue D.

  225. Jan & Dean’s Dead Man’s Curve – “He passed me at Doheny”

  226. BabaOLewie

    In Steely Dan’s “Bad Sneakers,” there’s a fearsome excavation on Magnolia Boulevard.

  227. Aorta – “Sprinkle Road To Cork Street”: a two-fer.


  228. H. Munster

    “Rockin’ Robin” — Bobby Day, Jackson 5

    All the little birds on Jaybird Street
    Loved to hear the robin go “tweet tweet tweet”

  229. H. Munster

    The Ventures — “Slaughter on Tenth Avenue”

  230. ladymisskirroyale

    The Go-Betweens: “Karen”
    “No Queen Street sex thing”

  231. H. Munster

    See #167 above.

    I hate to catch people on technicalities, but the title is at stake.

  232. mockcarr

    Carnaby Street – The Jam

  233. Francis Dunnery – One Night In Sauchiehall Street

  234. misterioso

    Bob Dylan, “Joey” : “The sun turned cold over President Street and the town of Brooklyn mourned”

  235. Madness – “Razor Blade Alley”

  236. BabaOLewie

    Springsteen drove his “Stolen Car” down Eldridge Avenue.

  237. misterioso

    Boylston Street in “Modern World” by the Modern Lovers.


  238. cliff sovinsanity

    Gordon Lightfoot – On Yonge Street


  239. cherguevarra

    Joni Michell – Jungle Line

    “Through the class on Park and the trash on Vine”

    (this is for Park, since Vine was used)

  240. ladymisskirroyale

    Duly noted.

  241. ladymisskirroyale

    Babe the Blue Ox = I 35.

  242. H. Munster

    “Woodyard Street” — Mike Bloomfield

  243. misterioso

    John Lee Hooker, “Boogie Chillen” : “When I first came to town, people, I was walkin’ down Hastings Street…”

  244. H. Munster

    Let’s make it two by John Lee Hooker in a row.
    “Motor City Is Burning”

    ”It started on 12th and Clairmount that morning”

    Coverd by the MC5

    That’s three in a row about Detroit. Woodyard Street is fictitious, but the song says it’s in Detroit.

  245. cherguevarra

    Here’s Dan Bryk, with his song, “Spadina Expressway,” which was originally on his album called “Lover’s Leap.”

  246. H. Munster

    “Freight Train” — Peter Paul and Mary

    When I die please bury me deep
    Down at the end of Bleecker Street

  247. BabaOLewie

    Bleeker Street was hit at 112. There’s a also a New Pornographer’s song, “Myriad Harbors,” where Daniel Bejar is “stranded at Bleeker and Broadway, looking for something to do.”

  248. “Hello death, goodbye Avenue A”

    Folk Song — Bongwater


  249. BabaOLewie

    Moon Unit says about the “Valley Girl,” “On Ventura, there she goes, She just bought some bitchen clothes.”

  250. H. Munster

    See #63.

  251. tonyola

    Moody Blues – “Eternity Road”


  252. cherguevarra

    Replacements – Alex Chilton
    “Checkin’ his stash by the trash at St. Mark’s place.”

  253. Pico Blvd – “? (The Gay Bar Song)” by the Easy Hoes and later by Colorfinger

  254. BabaOLewie

    oops. In any event, in this one it’s pretty hard to sustain the glory of temporary LMS for very long, even falsely obtained.

  255. misterioso

    A Tom Petty twofer: Mulholland and Ventura Boulevard in “Free Fallin.”

    LMS! LMS! LMS!

  256. H. Munster

    “Love Street & Fool’s Road” — Solomon Burke

  257. BabaOLewie

    In DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince’s “Nightmare on My Street,” which I heard for the first time on radio this a.m., they name drop Elm Street.

    For a better Halloween song in the same genre, I commend to you old school hip-hoppers Whodini’s “Haunted House of Rock,” “the last building to your left on a dead-end street” (I know, wouldn’t count), with lyrics like:

    “The invisible man
    Where could he be?
    We know he got inside the party free
    One of these days
    They’re gonna catch him red-handed
    If not for sneakin in free
    For bein a booty bandit.”

  258. H. Munster

    Steely Dan — “Rikki Don’t Lose That Number”

    “We can go out driving on Slow Hand Row”

  259. Way Down South in Greenwich Village – Tuli Kupferberg

    Take your pick: Lenox Ave. or Horatio St.


  260. H. Munster

    Ricky Nelson — “Waitin’ in School”

    “Five, six, get your kicks
    At the corner of Lincoln and 46th”

  261. cherguevarra

    I’m back!
    Bunny Sigler – Just Let Me Love You Tonight

    “Yeah, we used to sing down at 3rd and Fairmount,
    Northern Liberties Recreational Center
    It wasn’t a place for no beginners…”

  262. cherguevarra

    Elvis Costello – Rocking Horse Road


  263. misterioso

    Jonathan Richman, “Modern World”: “out on route 9 it’s bleak and nearly dying”

    Absolutely LMS!

  264. cherguevarra

    Suzi Quatro – Devil Gate Drive

  265. BabaOLewie

    In 1965, Jackson Browne was seventeen and was “running up One-O-One.”

    In 1977, I guess that makes him twenty-nine when he put out the hit “Running on Empty.” His high-water mark.

  266. Hello.
    Stanley Road – Paul Weller

  267. “Come loon soon down Cromwell Road, man” from Donovan’s Sunny South Kensington.

  268. Loads of roads in Texas.

    Black Angels – Entrance Song

    “Rollin’ fast down I-45” (also I-35 and 75)


  269. Ralph McTell – West Jones 2nd Street

  270. junkintheyard

    Less Than Jake- 9th and Pine
    for Pine since 9th is taken

  271. Black Angels – Haunting at 1300 McKinley


  272. Although it’s off the board, for fans of exact addresses with numbers there’s also “An Occurrence at 4507 South Third Street” by the Black Angels.


  273. junkintheyard

    Plow United- 85 E Cleveland
    as in Ave

  274. H. Munster

    Pain Street
    Neil Young — “Time Fades Away”

  275. H. Munster

    I guess this disqualifies “Park Avenue” as a submission. Nevertheless, if you haven’t heard it already, check out “Green Haze” by Elvis Hitler.

  276. H. Munster

    John Lennon — “Menlove Ave.”

  277. junkintheyard

    Bob Marley- Natty Dread

    Then I walk up the first street,
    And then I walk up the second street to see.
    Then I trod on through third street,
    And then I talk to some Dread on fourth street.
    Natty Dreadlock in a fifth street,
    And then I skip one fence to sixth street.
    I’ve got to reach seventh street

    Some are taken, some are not

  278. H. Munster

    34th and Vine
    “Love Potion Number Nine” — The Searchers
    Vine has been used, but not 34th.

  279. junkintheyard

    Good thing I searched the page for Beale. Wanted to use Dave Van Ronk’s version of Cocaine :
    “Walking down Beale Street,
    gonna turn down Main,
    lookin’ for a gal
    that’ll sell cocaine”

  280. junkintheyard

    Frank Sinatra- The Girl Next Door

    So it’s clear to see there’s no hope for me,
    Though I live at fifty-one thirty-five Kensngton Avenue,
    And she lives at fifty-one thirty three.

  281. Neil Young – Human Highway

  282. junkintheyard

    Mike Doughty- No Peace, Los Angeles

    “Coming down, Wilshire Boulevard
    Blurry stream of light”

  283. tonyola

    Oh damn – already spoken for.

  284. junkintheyard

    Billy Joel- Big Man on Mullberry Street

  285. H. Munster

    Olympic Blvd.
    “In 1964” — David Hidalgo and Louie Perez

  286. H. Munster

    Gower Avenue

    “Desperadoes Under the Eaves” — Warren Zevon

  287. H. Munster

    Clinton Street
    “Famous Blue Raincoat” — Leonard Cohen

  288. H. Munster

    “I-94” — Radio Birdman

  289. H. Munster

    “Avenue B”
    an album by Iggy Pop

  290. H. Munster

    Island Park Drive
    “Love Kills” by Radio Birdman

  291. H. Munster

    Tenth Street
    “Laurie Did It’ by the Flamin’ Groovies

    We had Tenth Avenue above, not Tenth Street.

  292. H. Munster

    Tonyola mentioned “South Street” by the Orlons in #7 above. That song also mentions East Street, West Street and North Avenue.

    btw, that song from back in 1963 mentions the word “hippies”. I don’t know of any earlier use of the word in a song or anywhere else.

  293. H. Munster

    “Green Flower Street” — Steely Dan

  294. H. Munster

    Fredericks Street
    “Dance Little Sister” — The Rolling Stones

  295. H. Munster

    “Toulouse Street”
    An album by the Doobie Brothers

    Green Street
    mentioned in “Black Cow” by Steely Dan

    Livernois Street
    mentioned in “Psychedelic Used Car Lot Blues” by the Southbound Freeway, a local hit in Detroit in 1967

    Hemlock Road
    mentioned in “Message from Turner” by Mick Jagger

    Avenue D
    mentioned in “Daddy Don’t Live in that New York City No More” by Steely Dan

    And finally,

    Thanks for the good times, Mr. Moderator!


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