Oct 312012

Take it from Frankenstein: That’s rock ‘n roll!


  7 Responses to “All-Star Jam”

  1. may have to add this one to my Pinky Rock band!

  2. Attn. HVB: The current issue of MOJO has ZZ Top on the cover, and an ELO article! (But it’s the Mike Nesmith article that I’m most interested in.)

  3. hrrundivbakshi

    I thankee!

  4. hrrundivbakshi

    Interesting how the UK version of this issue has the Jam on the cover.

  5. Fun fact I learned this week: Dan McCarroll, former drummer of The Grays, has been President of the Capitol and Virgin Label Group since 2010.

  6. Where can I get a copy of Mojo? TBH didn’t feel like listening to the video. I just know Shaun did slightly better than his half brother in the rock music business. Other than that neutral. Just a bunch of teen idols with not much talent.

  7. alexmagic

    What about Buddy Judge, the Gray with the best name?

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