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Halloween came a little early this year. An atmospheric monster by the name of Sandy gave residents on the east coast quite a scare and is ruining trick or treating for millions. But let’s not let that bitch spoil our fun. I’m calling on my fellow Townsfolk to submit an “unintentionally funny music video that is supposed to be creepy or scary.” Most likely you’ll have to think back to the early ’80s for a good candidate. I’ll let you determine what is funny, but before we begin we must talk about Bonnie Tyler’s nighttime romp through the halls of an all-boys catholic school in the video for Total Eclipse of the Heart. I’m disqualifying this one from the get-go because as an 11-year-old boy watching late-night videos this one genuinely gave me the creeps…and still does.

Let’s get the ball rolling with one that’s supposed to be creepy.

And one that’s supposed to be scary…


  16 Responses to “You Don’t Scare Me!”

  1. I’ll kick it off with this failed attempt at being scary:


  2. Here’s another one that used to crack me up:


    The spinning head is too funny.

  3. Maybe this used to scare our long-lost friend tonyola, but the 2:15 mark of the following video may be the funniest hoped-for scary moment in the history of rock videos:


    So glad I could be reminded of this video.

  4. cliff sovinsanity

    UCLA film school 101

  5. cliff sovinsanity

    The savage dancing is what clinches it.

  6. trigmogigmo

    Oooh, scary! “Black No. 1”


  7. misterioso


  8. misterioso

    I’ll bet Trent Reznor thought it was real badass, genius stuff.

  9. misterioso

    I don’t think I have ever seen the video or heard the song. When is it from? And where, where is tonyola?

  10. Any Black Metal video would fit the bill (they nearly all consist of guys in evil clown makeup, grimacing and running around some Norwegian forests with their scarily pointy BC Rich guitars). Here’s a classic: http://youtu.be/-VBdAY8eA9w

  11. Which, of course, led to this: http://youtu.be/TLXp0_NzF4w

  12. cliff sovinsanity

    “She’s got a date at midnight with Nosferatu” (insert snickering).

  13. ladymisskirroyale

    How could we have come so far and not mentioned Kate Bush?

    Here’s my nomination: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M2Wa0LdCsvM&feature=relmfu

  14. Ok, you mention the Total Eclipse Of The Heart video …..but have you seen the “literal” version of it?


    It may be old news to some people but the first time I saw it I was laughing so hard I nearly passed out cause I couldn’t breathe.

  15. cliff sovinsanity

    Love it!

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