Mar 162013

The All-Star Jam is the place to let it be.


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  1. Clapton goes back to the 70s — with Marcy Levy, Yvonne Elliman-type back up singers on this single from his new album Old Sock.

    Gotta Get Over

    Reminds me his drunken album — No Reason to Cry and this:

    Hello Old Friend

  2. 2000 Man

    Is radio gonna die?

    Does anyone listen to it if they aren’t in their car? I’ve been thinking about getting an integrated amplifier next time I upgrade the stereo, and I have no desire to buy a tuner. Radio really blew it.

  3. Live sports that local radio plays seems to be the only thing you can’t stream for free . . . radio is in big trouble.

  4. jeangray

    Any thoughts on Bowie’s new album???

  5. jeangray

    It is strange to contemplate a world without radio…

  6. Good question, one I’ve been meaning to raise myself. I’ve only listened to the new album once, but although I thought it was “better than expected” (and nowhere near “bad”) I thought it lacked what most Bowie albums have lacked since his vaunted Berlin Trilogy (maybe even a couple of albums earlier): songs.

    Prior to those albums the guy was a hook machine. His albums contained at least a few songs that were powered by kick-ass riffs and strong melodies. I like a couple of songs each from those Berlin albums, but 3/4 of those albums seem to be loaded with “soundscapes” over which Bowie “Bo-tificates,” that is, rambles off world-weary couplets that tell the world just how far his vision expands. I don’t buy those songs. They bore me.

    I’ve heard the new single a few times. It’s OK. It’s “lush” and word weary and Bowie-esque, but is it a song? I don’t know, if I’ve got to hear one of those types of songs give me “Five Years” or even that one that starts out, “Time lights a cigarette…” That one’s at the end of Ziggy Stardust, right?

    In short, I’ll have to listen to the new album some more, but the other day I was driving around and flipping stations on the radio, finding nothing of interest, when I somehow remembered the days when I could hear “This ain’t rock ‘n roll, this is genocide,” before “Diamond Dogs” kicked in. I’m glad Bowie is aging gracefully, but I would like to wash him clean of his own legacy and hear what he could do. I felt the same way about one of my heroes, Joe Strummer, during his protracted, unsatisfying solo career. I was tired of hearing Strummer albums that serves as a pulpit for his Strum-tificating.

  7. I bought it, so I’ve given it a few spins. I like the song “Valentine’s Day” and the single ‘The Stars (Are Out Tonight).”

    It seems to me to be kind of middle ground Bowie — nothing really that catchy for a monster hit single, but nothing really fun and freaky like some of Lodger. The funniest song might be “How Does The Grass Grow?” with some twisted vocal harmonies.

    I will give him credit — his voice is strong and it’s nice sounding album.

  8. My father’s friend Joe Tarsia in his “Sigma Sound” studio in Phila, PA recorded Bowie. It was his “Young Americans” album. DB wanted that Philly sound of Gamble and Huff.

  9. Driving home today we had a little Joe Walsh marathon and I brought up using “How Ya Doooin’?” in the legendary Schtick thread, and that no one had connected it to Joe. The following is an accurate transcript:

    Mrs LD: “Really? I thought that was his catch-phrase.”
    LD: “I don’t know. Maybe it he only busted it out for Chicago radio.”
    Mrs LD: (with all due gravitas) “Well, did you spell it right? How did you spell it?”

    She’s never even set foot in the RTH yet is giving you all the benefit of the doubt over my sketchy spelling skills. Man, I’m doing extra chores for that Fabulous Babe this week.


  10. Speaking of radio, I bet I’m not the only one with the helium-voiced “Raceway Park” ad permanently burned into my gray matter.

  11. cherguevara

    Sound-recording royalty! Tarsia is totally unrecognized, seems unfair.

  12. diskojoe

    Totally unrelated to music, but I spotted a copy Derek Sanderson’s (member of the Big Bad Bruins) recent autobiography in the break room @ work & I read it. It was pretty entertaining. It was interesting to read how ingrained hockey is in Canada & how fighting is ingrained in hockey. It was also interesting to read how short his career was in Philly after signing that hugh contract w/the WHA francise there.

  13. misterioso

    Wow, looking at his stats, he played 8 whole games there! I had no idea. And I did not remember him having a pretty good year with St. Louis as late as 75-76.

  14. misterioso

    Not bad at all but–at only one listen, mind you–not that gripping.

  15. 2000 Man

    Maybe I’m a year or two too late, but isn’t SXSW Totally Amazeballs?

  16. Usher joins Afghan Whigs on stage at SXSW festival.

    Wait, what?

  17. is one weird site. I never run across that level of dance-pop hype and gossip in my everyday existence.

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