Feb 152007

Townsman Chickenfrank felt compelled to express a long-held view.

KISS suck and have always sucked. They were the Village People of soft-core heavy metal. Take two parts CATS Broadway musical, one part Vincent Price cheesy horror movie, borrow heavily from Alice Cooper, and mix until flaccid. Voila, KISS. “I Wanna Rock and Roll All Night” is one step above “We Built This City On Rock and Roll” as a fist-raising anthem, and their biggest hit was “Beth”, which has got to be the inspiration for Tufnel’s “Lick My Love Pump”. KISS Army?!?! Bring the troops home!


  5 Responses to “Hags of Our Fathers”

  1. KingEd

    Let’s cut to the chase:

    1) Who got laid or at least had the balls to walk up to a shop counter and purchase a Playboy or Penthouse within 3 years of exposure to KISS? Show of hands!

    2) Of those who are NOT raising your hands, how many of you agree with Chickenfrank?

    I thought so.

  2. Wow! Don’t Ace and Gene look excited at Kiss’s new direction. For a second, I thought the actress was the gal from Nancy Drew.

  3. hrrundivbakshi

    One of my finest thrift store scores was a copy of “Kiss Vs. the Phantom Of the Park,” from which this sequence is taken. It’s an astonishing thing. I wonder how many RTHers have seen it?

  4. hrrundivbakshi


    (now *that*’s an entrance!)

    (everything from about minute mark 1:00 on is gold)

  5. Your the man, Chickenfrank!

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