Aug 202008

Doors shmoors man, we’re talkin’ Eagles babies!

The Movie: The Eagles

You: Casting Agent.

Mission: Cast it. Duh.

Who plays who? Not just The Eagles but any relevant player in the scene, man.

Wiley, the publisher of the Don Felder bio-tome discussed here, was unable to secure us an interview with the man (missed it by this much) but has been kind enough to offer 10 free copies of Heaven and Hell: My Life In The Eagles (1974-2001) by Don Felder and Wendy Holden.

Soooooo. Here in The Back Office we have assembled an anonymous team of judges who will select the top 10 responses. You will be awarded points based on; creativity first and foremost, historical accuracy and neatness.

You have until I say you have to stop.


Wiley sends along some interesting clips/interviews with Don about the book. Sounds like plenty of lawyers, guns & money went into getting it published:

FOX Boston

In addition, Heaven and Hell was recently included on the NY Times and LA Times bestseller lists last week. Here are links to the … current standing:

NY Times
LA Times

Far out man.


  25 Responses to “Casting Call: The Eagles (win an honest to god prize!)”

  1. meanstom

    The Eagles
    Don Henley: Shia LeBeouf
    Hairy Glenn Frey: Josh Brolin
    “Miami” Glenn Frey: Michael Madsen
    Joe Walsh: Danny Bonaduce
    Timothy B. Schmit: Hilary Swank
    Bernie Leadon: Jason Lee
    Randy Meisner: Kurt Russell
    Don Felder: Former Prime Minister Tony Blair

    Supporting Cast
    David Geffen: Alan Cumming
    Chris Hillman: Will Ferrell
    Zoey Deschanel as Linda Rondstadt
    JD Souther as himself

  2. The Back Office

    meanstom takes a mighty lead with NO competition in sight!

    Those are all awesome. Zoey Deschanel as Linda Rondstadt is going to give Mr. Mod a chub. And JD Souther as himself gave me a coffee spit take.

  3. alexmagic

    Oh man, I sat here trying to think of who Timothy B. Schmidt looked like, and meanstom just nailed it.

    Here’s what I have so far:
    Don Henley – Gary Cole
    Glenn Frey – Thomas Haden Church
    Timothy B. Scmidt – Sonny Landham
    Joe Walsh – Chris Cooper
    Don Felder – William Katt
    Bernie Leadon – Sam Rockwell
    Randy Meisner – Kiefer Sutherland

    David Geffen – Stanley Tucci
    Linda Rondstadt – Zoey Deschanel (this is an ironclad lock, no?)
    Jackson Browne – Joaquin Phoenix
    Eagles producer Bill Szymczyk – Ron Silver
    Donald Fagan – Eddie Deezen
    Walter Becker – Billy Bob Thornton
    Walter Becker’s Beard – CGI

    Alternate casting suggestion: Gary Cole plays all of the Eagles

  4. I watched Walk Hard last night (two and a half stars), so I’m going to cast the Judd Apatow version of this movie. (also, it allows me to use some of meanstom and alexmagic’s choices.)

    Paul Rudd- Henley
    Seth Rogan- Frey
    James Franco- Timothy
    Jason Segel- Felder
    John C. Reilly- Walsh
    Will Ferrell- Leadon
    Gary Cole- Meisner

    Ben Stiller- Geffen
    Linda Cardellini- Rondstandt
    Martin Starr- Irving Azoff
    Wayne Knight- Randy Newman (Not a Apatow player, but I really want this to happen; also note that post-Seinfeld Knight slimmed down)
    Vince Vaughn- Zevon (Best I can come up with for now)
    Owen Wilson wearing a wig- Jackson Browne

  5. BigSteve

    It would be more interesting to have Gary Coleman play Don Henley.

  6. On second thought, I think David Duchovny will be playing Meisner.

  7. hrrundivbakshi

    Oats sez:

    Owen Wilson wearing a wig- Jackson Browne

    I say:

    Now THAT’s funny!

  8. hrrundivbakshi

    Joe Flaherty as Kris Kristofferson playing himself.

    “The song needs more… critters.”

  9. Mr. Moderator

    A chub indeed on that Rondstadt casting! Well done, Meanstom.

    Gary Cole for Henley is awesome, as is William Katt for our man Felder. Gotta love any reference to Katt! And it goes without saying, Mad props! for the role played by “CGI.”

    Linda Cardellini as Rondstadt is right up there with Deschanel. These guys are good, The Back Office. You said we’ve got 10 copies to award, right? Looking forward to continued creativity!

  10. The Back Office

    Judges are whispering about recent standouts:

    Zoey Deschanel as Linda Rondstadt (lock indeed)
    Glenn Frey – Thomas Haden Church
    Ben Stiller- Geffen
    Owen Wilson wearing a wig- Jackson Browne
    Joe Flaherty as Kris Kristofferson playing himself (points off for playing to the judges!)
    David Duchovny will be playing Meisner.

    Aside from Zoey though the judges are merely whispering at this point.

    Keep up the good work Townsfolk.

  11. BigSteve

    Typical Hollywood casting — the love interest is in her twenties and the male actors are forty and up.

  12. meanstom

    Fair point, BigSteve, but I cast LeBeouf as Henley. He’s an up and comer. My Swank pick is another example of my creative casting.

  13. You guys missed the boat on this one.
    Michael Mann was in pre-production for an Eagles boipic when, due to legal shit, it fell through. He did Miami Vice instead. His casting was:
    Heath Ledger as Henley
    Collin Farrel as Frey
    Danny Trejo as Schmitt
    Matthew McCaunahy as Walsh
    and Dustin Hoffman as Azoff.
    Mann’s movie only covered the Legendary Hotel California video shoot, up until Hell Freezes Over, with a heavy focus on the Smuggler’s Blues /Sunset Grill period.

  14. alexmagic

    In fairness, the Eagles have always appeared to be in at least their 40s, except Joe Walsh, who has appeared to be in his 60s for the last 20-30 years.

    New casting suggestions:
    Jimmy Buffett – Larry David

    Dan Fogelberg – Paul Rudd

    Philip Michael Thomas – Terrence Howard

    Timothy B. Schmit – If Swank is already committed to another project, Eric Stoltz would be able to play both long-haired Schmit and Playin’ It Cool-era Schmit.

  15. BigSteve

    I don’t care who plays Henley, I just hope Henley doesn’t play the drums.

  16. mockcarr

    Don Henley – David Hasselhoff
    Glenn Frey – Steve Carell
    Timothy B. Schmit – Matt Dillon
    Joe Walsh – Adam Sandler
    Don Felder – Tim Robbins
    Bernie Leadon – Edward Norton
    Randy Meisner – Robert Downey jr

  17. I confess I don’t understand all the other answers. Here’s mine:

    Sonny Jurgenson – Matt Damon
    King Hill – Owen Wilson
    Tim Brown – Jim Brown
    Tommy MacDonald – Norm MacDonald
    Joe Kuharich – Gene Hackman

  18. Classic thread, I have only one suggestion:

    Don Henley – Dane Cook

    Extra-added bonus: humorlessness

  19. Mr. Moderator

    Who plays LeRoy Keyes, Al?

  20. sammymaudlin

    Don Henley – Dane Cook

    Extra-added bonus: humorlessness


  21. I just remembered a detail from an old Vh1 Eagles doc that will make for a good movie conflict. Glyn Johns produced the early albums and basically treated them like a country band, sneering that they couldn’t play rock ‘n’ roll.

    Ricky Gervais as Glyn Johns

  22. He was right, Oats!

  23. I think that’s why the anecdote has always stuck in my mind.

  24. Mr. Moderator

    You guys call this a contest? Don’t be intimidated by the first set of entries.

  25. sammymaudlin

    Hair Bear as Bernie Leadon

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