Feb 172014


The following message from The Back Office applies to any regular of the Hall who may be getting blocked from entering with an image of the Dream Police:

This anti-spam plugin we use blocks good-guys every now and then like this. Doesn’t/shouldn’t happen very often. Meanwhile it blocks over 8000 spammers every month. Let us know if you ever suffer this problem. You will be added to the whitelist and that should take care of it. Thanks.

Apr 302013

Hello fellow Townsfolk. You might have noticed some new additions to the bottom of the RTH page. We are trying out some new features. Don’t be alarmed.

We are responding to the outcry received regarding the ability to listen to the latest Saturday Night Shut-In without having to find the post. At the very bottom you’ll see the new “This Week’s Saturday Night Shut-In” player. It has the latest SNSI cued up and ready to be played. If you click the list button (4 horizontal lines) a playlist will reveal the previous 3 SNSIs. The player will auto-advance to the next one when the one playing ends or you can click the >> advance button or click on the individual SNSI in the playlist or click the random arrows to go for Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride. Click inside the white volume area to increase or decrease the volume.

There is one kink here that we in The Back Office haven’t conquered yet, but we’ll say the player is 90% operational (that’s an A-).

Above that is our new social media bar where you can click to visit our Twitter, Facebook or YouTube page. On the right side you can FB Like us. Also you can Tweet or g+ whatever page you are on. Who does that google+ thing? The Back Office is skeptical.

OK, so what if these new things are an eyesore for you? Well, got that covered. Click the “X” and the player will hide. Click the white down arrow “” (but pointing down) and the social bar will hide. Voila! The X and arrow will still be visible if you want to open them back up.

If you have issues or ideas, this is the place to air them.

Thank you for your attention.

The Back Office




Nov 092010

Quick note, apology and request from us here in The Back Office. As you all probably know RTH has an ad block in the upper right sidebar. We are, somewhat, proud members of the MOG ad network, but trust us when we say, no one is getting rich from these ads. However, they do help offset some of the cost of this labor of love. Within the last 6 months we have noticed two disturbing trends: 1. Ads that play “forced audio” that is audio automatically plays without user request and 2. Middle screen “survey” ads that lay over our content. When we first discovered these back then we ripped MOG a new-one in a vitriolic email. We stated our position firmly “These ads are not OK.”  (I know, brutal…right?) They apologized and said that we would be eliminated from any ads of this sort.

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Jan 252007

Submitted by Townsman A-Dogg.

I’m finding, since the front page content doesn’t change that often, that the best way to keep in touch with the day’s comments is to hit the Last comments link on the sidebar. This may be the best way for people from the old list to get into the flow and keep content and discussion fresh.

I say:
Townsman, we thank you for this helpful tip.

Jan 122007

Rock Town Hall is open to The People. Anyone, anywhere, anytime to can visit and peruse The Hall. However, in order to comment (which we strongly encourage) you must register. Why? The answer is pretty much “Spam”. Apparently there are “robots” that troll the internet and look for places to deposit their seed. If someone is required to register it is a major deterrent to said robots.

Registering is easy. All you need is a valid email address. Fill out the registration form by clicking Register section of the sidebar. From there you will enter your login name, password and email address. An email confirmation will be sent to you. Click on the link within and, voila, you will be granted permission to tell us via comments how full of shit we are.

Note: We absolutely will not give/sell your email address to any third parties. We may send you emails about upcoming events or what-have-ya but absolutely no spam. If at anytime you want out, just send us a note, thebackoffice@rocktownhall.com, and that’s that.

Thank you for your attention.

The Back Office


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