May 232012

This very cool clip of The Move in action comes courtesy of Should-Be Townsman Jay, on whose behalf we ask you to share your heavy thoughts, man.


Can you handle more?

Prior to that.

Remember when...

You KNOW what I’m talking about!


  4 Responses to “Celebrating the Power and Glory of Rock”

  1. Happiness Stan

    What a brilliantly powerful and glorious clip, fairly makes me want to go and kneel on our stairs before the signed Roy Wood photo.

    Growing up in an English seaside town, we sometimes took in overseas language students during the summer, and the first of these was a wonderful German chap who has, along with his family, become lifelong friends with my parents, and as a teenager I went to stay with them on a wonderful holiday where I hung out with his younger sister and was introduced to Leonard Cohen and Mouth and MacNeal. In the time I wasn’t hanging out with his younger sister I found an absolutely fantastic department store with a vast record department where they showed Beat Club videos all day every day, and I can remember standing there for hours watching all of these amazingly trippy performances from the sixties and early seventies, (like this one and that amazing clip of the Bee Gees doing “Idea”). I bought a Who greatest hits album, the first Crazy World of Arthur Brown, In the Court of the Crimson King, Leonard Cohen’s Greatest Hits and the first Joy Division album from that shop, and still play them all regularly.

    Most of all I remember standing in front of the telly in the shop just taking in all those fantastically inventive clips, amazed at how much better Beat Club was than Top of the Pops.

    I always thought that the Move did metal far better than just about anyone else, as I’ve said before it makes one wonder what they put in the tap water around Birmingham at the end of the sixties to spawn the Move, Plant and Bonham, Slade and Black Sabbath.

  2. bostonhistorian

    So this proves dinosaurs went extinct because of terminal boredom?

  3. tonyola

    No, that happened during “Spoonful” on Cream’s Wheels of Fire. Off to the Bad Attitude Club corner with you!

  4. bostonhistorian

    I’ve taken a long-term lease on the Bad Attitude Club corner.

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