Jan 062009

December’s Comment of the Month comes courtesy of Townman dbuskirk, who tracked down Todd Rundgren to confirm an oft-told tale from a former classmate. Poor Joe Epperson. Clcik here to review. Nice work, db.


  4 Responses to “Comment of the Month: Rundgren Calls BS on Former Classmate!”

  1. saturnismine

    i cracked up when i read that post for the first time!

    and I love the Spicoli-like image of rundgren in that tale.

    but d-bus…diming out Joe Epperson like that on the world wide web…dude…you’ve wrecked his one claim to fame!!!

  2. Where I grew up, every drum teacher (except the one I used) said they had taught CurrentlyFamousDrummer (Steve Smith from Journey, at my time). It’s a common trope in the private lessons game.

  3. 2000 Man

    Congratulations, dbus! I think the 1200 year old man my mother hired to teach me the guitar when I was thirteen actually taught the guy that taught the guy that taught Les Paul. We didn’t relate well.

  4. dbuskirk

    Wow, this is just like winning one of the MacArthur Genius grants, I had no idea I was even in the running. “First I’d like to thank the Creator….”

    Remind me sometime to tell you about when I mistook a guy as the “Mikey Wild of Mill Valley Ca.” but he instead turned out to be a unrecognized hippie rock legend…

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