Jan 182010

I wanted to post something socially relevant that would show that Rock Town Hall cares about today’s Martin Luther King Day celebration – and believe me, we do – but then I got distracted by Dion‘s Look in this 1968 performance of “Abraham, Martin, and John.” I started thinking about artists who’ve crafted a new Look specifically to support a new, more serious and introspective direction. Unplugged-era Clapton came to mind. What other artists have crafted a new Look specifically to support a deeper artistic direction?


  10 Responses to “Crafting a Serious Rock Look”

  1. A little less hair goo and voila:

  2. Mr. Moderator

    This brief period in Seltzer’s career slipped my mind. Good find, cher.

  3. BigSteve

    Is Setzer’s hair really toned down that much? It’s still Looks pretty poodlriffic to me. And that’s one of those appalling ‘playing for poor 3rd world people’ videos like the one for Hot Legs. Ugh.

    How about Aimee Mann’s transformation from 80s MTV/Blade Runner freakette


    to dour 90s/00s songstress?


  4. dbuskirk

    “The Knife Feels Like Mellencamp”! I’vd forgotten about that brief Setzer reboot. He must have enjoyed the respite from mugging.

  5. As ridiculous as it Looks now, I remember when those bolo ties and long coats (and heck, even that annoying snare drum sound) were signals that you were a Serious College Radio American Roots-Rock Artist. Setzer (and/or his manager/label) seems to have been shooting for credibility/respect in this arena (which makes the poofy hair even more silly in this context).

    That said, if this were a blindfold test, I’d say that this was a pretty decent Marshall Crenshaw song.

  6. alexmagic

    Did Dion take a picture of Arte Johnson into his barber and say “I want to look like this!”?

  7. Mr. Moderator

    BigSteve, I love the Blade Runner comparison! Excellent.

    Magic Man, to answer your question, YES!

  8. Mr. Moderator

    BigSteve, great call with Bowie. It’s amazing it took him so long and so many Looks to arrive at a Serious one.

  9. I just stumbled across this old post, and I must say, this comment made me laugh hard. Better get some sleep before I pass out on my laptop!

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