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  18 Responses to “Rate A Record:
Julian Lennon / Some Other Guy

  1. sammymaudlin

    I’ll lay my sack on the cutting board if none of you wussies will. I like it. It’s just as good as any Brendan Benson song. And if not for being the son of a Beatle, he’d probably get more respect. Other Guy’s borderline Morrisey vox is as annoying as his jaunty red scarf (worn indoors whilst everyone else is in a t-shirt) but I digress.

    I’d shell out a dozen eMusic creds for an album of this.

  2. hrrundivbakshi

    No, it’s not, Sammy! This song, Beatle-boy or not, is solid “C” material. I found myself lunging for the “off” switch about the 400th time I heard the guys sing “doo-doo-de-doo-doo.”

    Like what’s-her-name said about some-place-or-other: there’s no there there.

    And understand: I keep rooting for poor Julian — I really *want* him to produce a really good, simple pop album. That’s within his power, I feel sure. This is simple, it’s pop — but it’s not very good!

  3. sammymaudlin

    hr- Are you PRO-Lupus?!

  4. BigSteve

    I think the song is fine. Not life-changing, which is also fine. If anyone has a right to make Beatlesque pop Julian does. The slightly generic nature of the song almost works in its favor. How would we react if someone in his position were swinging for the fences? Modesty is the best approach he can take. I do think showing the bass player with the Hofner was ill-advised.

    If I’ve done the math right, Julian is now 6+ years older than his father ever was. Wow.

  5. sammymaudlin

    I’m on Team-BigSteve. And as for “How would we react if someone in his position were swinging for the fences?”, I say “see Sean Lennon.

    And for the record I for one am very much against Lupus.

  6. This was streaming on Spinner a couple of week ago. It not bad — a “B” — but I can’t help but wonder what’s he been up two for a couple of decades. Surely, he’s done something better than this?

  7. A nice modest effort, kind of like a Del Amitri song. I like the verses and to do-do-do parts better that the chorus.

    It’s not going to change the world but what’s wrong with a catchy trifle now and then? Is there no room for the occasional cheese steak with wiz or does every meal have to be fine french cuisine?

    The only thing I didn’t like about it was its blatant anti-Lupus stand. I know that it might not be the trendy popular opinion to have right now but I’m decidedly pro-Lupus.

  8. screw you guys, when I need some mediocore beatlesque pop, i listen to Pete Best!


  9. One minute and thirty five seconds too long!

    “I’ll give it a six, Mr. Clark!”

  10. misterioso

    Not quite as good as some of the lesser tracks on the Rutles “Archaeology.”

  11. Mr. Moderator

    Count me on Team Better Than Anything Else I’ve Heard from Brendan Benson and Almost Anyone Else from that Jellyfish Crowd. OK, that may be an overstatement, but this is like one of the good tracks on any World Party album. I’d be cool with Paul Weller, for crying out loud, covering this song on any of his solo albums. You’ve got a lot of nerve complaining about the “doo-doo-de-doo-doo” part, HVB!

    This is fine. I do agree that the scarf needs to go. I’ve been doing some work on a future piece on the role of the scarf in rock.

  12. alexmagic

    I think it’s a perfectly pleasant song taken on its own merits. But as the sequel to “Lucy In the Sky with Diamonds” that it appears to be, it does seem to be a bit of a letdown, I suppose.

    I hope he does try to aim a little higher for “Hey Jude II: Jude’s Revenge”.

  13. Is there any child of a famous rock star whose music is so great that it transcends their connection to their parent? I’m talking upper-eschelon rock stars.


  14. BigSteve

    Does Rufus Wainwright count? I’m actually not a big fan, but I don’t think people are listening to him because of his parents, highly regarded musicians on both sides, if not exactly ‘rock stars.’

    Teddy Thompson’s quite good too.

  15. Mr. Moderator

    I’ll second Rufus Wainwright and everything BigSteve said about him.

    How about those newer Southern bands that include the offspring of Southern studio musicians and producers, like the bands that include Muscle Shoals kids and the kid(s?) of Jim Dickinson? That North Mississippi All-Stars band I saw a couple of years ago is one that I have in mind, and there’s a really popular band that fits this description too – maybe Sons of Leon, or some band like that?

  16. BigSteve

    Wow Kate McGarrigle died yesterday. Sad.

  17. Mr. Moderator

    Yeah, I just saw that too and wanted to post a link:


  18. I was thinking Rufus and also Liam Finn. Teddy Thompson stole that Leonard Cohen tribute concert, for certain. But I mean, the children of Beatles, Led Zep, Who, Stones. I mean songwriting, band-fronting talents (nothing against Jason Bonham or Zak Starkey). Nelson? Will we be floored by James McCartney’s album when it comes out? Harper Simon? Chris Stills?

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