Mar 272009

I had no idea Dan Seals of England Dan & John Ford Coley fame – and a successful country music singer-songwriter in his own right – died this week, at 61. Thanks for pointing that out Townsman Al.

For that matter, I had no idea Seals had a successful country music career following his duo’s big soft-rock hit.

For that matter, I don’t recall ever knowing that he was brother to Jim Seals, of Seals & Crofts. If ever there is a Battle Royale to determine the First Family of Soft Rock, the Seals boys are going to earn consideration alongside the Taylor clan.

There’s so much I never knew about England Dan despite the fact that his duo’s big hit has been stuck in my brain for 30-some years. Did you know he was poised to have a #2 hit song as an artist in a band signed to Stax?

It’s only fitting that we pay the man his proper respects…after the jump!


  4 Responses to “England Dan Dead”

  1. And is he the one married to Heidi Klum?

  2. saturnismine

    no, that would be the guy from the moustache thread.

  3. “I’d Really Love To See You Tonight” may be my single favorite “so bad I can’t stand it” soft rock song of all time.

    This one is going to hurt for awhile.

  4. dbuskirk

    I remember really “feeling” the lyrics to “Nights Are Forever Without You” while thinking about my girlfriend in 7th grade. Then I broke up with her a few weeks later.

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