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May 252010

The premise is simple: Sum up any Rolling Stones lyric in Haiku form.

No contest. No judgment. Only pure poetry!

Here is my first:


Delicate flowers
Injustice for down and outs
Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo


  75 Responses to “Haiku You”

  1. misterioso

    Not summing up so much as boiling down to its essence.

    If you start me up,
    I’ll never stop, never stop.
    Make a dead man come.

  2. Miss Amanda Jones
    She’s always making the scene
    Pretty but vacant

  3. mockcarr

    get off of my cloud
    two is more than company
    not at 3 AM

  4. misterioso

    A guy in a wig
    Thinking just how sharp he is.
    Really, really sharp.

  5. Dead Flowers

    Don’t you be so smug!
    Your rich friends laugh at me but
    I’ll write your obit

  6. Turd On The Run

    I gave you diamonds
    All you gave me was disease
    What a waste of time

  7. misterioso

    Spoiled girl. Lots of cash.
    Gets her kicks in Stepney now.
    She’s playing with fire.

  8. Waiting on a friend
    Not waiting on a lady
    On Sesame Street

  9. misterioso

    The sunshine bores the
    Daylights out of me. Rocks off.
    A nocturnal emission.

  10. Told you one or twice
    That this could be the last time.
    Maybe. I don’t know.

  11. misterioso

    Get Off of My Cloud II

    Look out the window—
    A guy in the Union Jack.
    Get off of my cloud.

  12. BigSteve

    Shine a Light:

    My sweet honey love
    May every song you sing be
    Your favorite tune.

  13. BigSteve

    Shake Your Hips:

    Do the hip shake babe
    Don’t move your head hands or lips
    Well ain’t that easy?

  14. Love and hope, sex, dreams
    Crime rate’s going up up up
    Shattered, sha-do-be

  15. misterioso

    I’m talking ‘bout the—
    It ain’t no rock and roll show
    Baby and it hurts.

  16. BigSteve

    Sweet Virginia:

    Come on, honey child
    Scrape the shit right off your shoes
    You got it in you

  17. BigSteve

    Yesterday’s Papers:

    Life is constant change
    Who wants yesterday’s papers?
    No one in the world

  18. misterioso

    How about a haiku block from Aftermath:

    What a drag it is.
    Kids, men, the world: all a drag.
    Minimize your plight.

    Her vanity shows.
    Well look at that stupid girl.
    She bitches ‘bout things.

    She once had me down.
    The sweetest pet in the world.
    She’s under my thumb.

  19. BigSteve

    Miss Amanda Jones:

    Down and down she goes
    Losing her nobility
    Miss Amanda Jones

  20. BigSteve

    I know it’s only
    Rock & roll, but I like it,
    Like it, yes, I do

  21. misterioso

    A drag at parties,
    Complaining about the crowd.
    Nervous breakdown? Yes.

  22. misterioso

    A knife in my heart.
    Suicide right on the stage.
    Only rock and roll.

  23. BigSteve

    Time waits for no one
    Hear him laughing and reaping
    He won’t wait for me

  24. Street Fighting Man

    Summertime violence
    No place for fights in London
    Sing in band instead

  25. misterioso

    They think I’m crazy.
    What’s the matter with you boy?
    Sleeping all alone.

  26. misterioso

    Try to make some girl—
    Though I try, I try, I try-
    Satisfaction, none.

  27. She comes in colors
    Coming, colors in the air
    She’s like a rainbow

  28. misterioso

    I’m the burning bush.
    I’m the bleeding volcano.
    And yet she’s so cold.

  29. hrrundivbakshi

    A lonely woman
    Took me upstairs for a “ride”
    Now my nose is clean

  30. hrrundivbakshi

    I hear Mick shouting
    Makes no sense to me at all
    Yes, it’s “Rip This Joint”

  31. misterioso

    Spike right through my head.
    But it’s all right now, in fact
    It’s a gas, gas, gas.

  32. hrrundivbakshi

    Mick’s bust a button
    Hope his trousers don’t fall down
    Don’t want that, do ya?

  33. misterioso

    I’ll be your savior,
    Your knight in shining armor.
    You’ll be mine all mine.

  34. All this tail makes me blue.
    Barroom queens and divorcees:
    Honky Tonk Women

  35. misterioso

    Dollar past sunset?
    Never kept one, I’d say.
    Pretty happy, though.

  36. Take me down, Susie
    The queen of the underground
    Send me dead flowers

  37. rock town hall haikus
    exceed all expectations
    this is really fun

  38. Wake me when it is time to vote for the best ones. These seem to be falling into 2 categories: Restating the lyrics in haiku form (like BigSteve’s “Only Rock n Roll” which is great – there is no more to say about that one) and summarizing the content of the song (Cher’s “Street Fighting Man gets it right).

  39. misterioso

    Got nasty habits.
    Best friend he shoots water rats.
    Why not live with me?

  40. hrrundivbakshi

    Running down the street
    Mick’s a man of the people
    He cries out: “Let’s Work!”

  41. misterioso

    Wrote it for Faithful.
    The strings are rather icky.
    It’s As Tears Go By.

  42. BigSteve

    You’re fifteen years old
    But that’s no capital crime
    Mother knows nothing

  43. hrrundivbakshi

    Oh, Mick! Oh, David!
    You prance, and you gambol
    Dancing in the street

  44. BigSteve

    The prodigal son
    Was lost now found dad’s happy
    Brothers not so much

  45. misterioso

    Neighbors neighbors neigh
    bors neighbors neighbors neighbors
    Neighbors neighbors neigh

  46. hrrundivbakshi

    You have to admit,
    For faux country, it’s quite good
    It’s “Far Away Eyes”

  47. misterioso

    Something has gone wrong
    The bass player is singing
    In Another Land

  48. hrrundivbakshi

    Assholish, mean and shallow
    “Some Girls” is still great!

  49. BigSteve

    Your heart’s a diamond
    Love like water splashing stone
    No expectations

  50. 2000 Man

    Ooh! Fun!

    Before it rains I’ll

    Finish my jigsaw puzzle

    Lying on the floor

  51. 2000 Man

    I need you more now
    Let’s spend the night together
    Have fun just groovin’

  52. misterioso

    Friends? They’re all junkies.
    A trifle too satanic:
    I’m a monkey man.

  53. hrrundivbakshi

    So very lonely
    2000 light years from home
    Holy shit, I’m high!

  54. bostonhistorian

    She’s like a rainbow
    At least the album cover
    is cool, 3-D man

  55. hrrundivbakshi

    Over and over
    All this ersatz funk bugs me
    “Black and Blue” sucks eggs

  56. I’m the burning bush
    I’m the bleeding volcano
    My first stones cover

  57. BigSteve

    Can you guess his name?
    Evil history lesson
    Sympathy advised

  58. Mick and Keith and Mick
    Charlie, Brian, Billy too
    Don’t you forget Stu

    Yeah, I know it doesn’t sum up the lyric, but it freakin’ rhymes, alright? Don’t saw off me leg.

  59. BigSteve

    Little T & A
    She’s my little rock & roll
    Tits and ass with soul

  60. Daughter asks, “what’s wrong?”
    Make love to a poor woman
    I’m a fool to cry

  61. BigSteve

    There’s no color now
    My love will never return
    Paint everything black

  62. BigSteve

    I try and I try
    Hey hey hey that’s what I say
    No satisfaction

  63. No work, no money
    Can’t even marry for cash
    I’m lazy, Hang fire

  64. She was hot, hot, hot
    Wait a minute,
    I thought you said she was so cold?

  65. Playing Goats Head Soup in my room
    Quick, turn down Star Star!
    Here comes my Mom.

  66. Rolling Stones are fun
    Perhaps for next week we try
    U2 limericks

  67. misterioso

    I tip my hat to so many of these brilliant works! Even those that seem to be in violation of the laws of haiku.

    Cue up Tattoo You.
    A bunch of leftovers. So?
    Their last good record.

  68. Mr. Moderator

    The concept of U2 limericks cracks me up. Feel free to set that up sometime next week, cher!

    This has been fun. I’ve never gotten my head around the haiku game, but relating it to the Stones made it something I could tune into. andyr’s “She’s So Cold” one really hit home. I was part of that teenage cover version. OUCH!

  69. mockcarr

    Take it or leave it
    oh la ta ta ta ta ta
    ta ta ta ta ta

  70. Accelerator
    Spine cracking, feel like murder
    Need ventilator

  71. 2000 Man

    Exile on Main St.
    Greatest record of all time?
    You’re damned right it is!

  72. Still stone gathers moss
    Sunset comes for haiku thread
    Brian Jones deceased

  73. misterioso

    Moonlight Mile-nice song
    Surprisingly beautiful
    Paul Buckmaster strings

  74. Cant you hear me knockin’?

    I know its late man
    But guess what Keiths done…..again?
    Snorted the bands stash.

  75. hrrundivbakshi

    For the record: this shit was GOLD. We need to cue up that U2 limerick contest — or at least another haiku slam.

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