Dec 032009

The first time I heard them, when they were:



  3 Responses to “I Really Liked These Guys…”

  1. the thought that sticks with me is that two of them are already married and one will now never be.

  2. BigSteve

    By a strange coincidence, I happened to read about this instrument for the first time earlier today on Richard Thompson’s website, the section where he answers questions from fans:

    As the ultimate eccentric British musician (so they say), I wonder if you have come across the Eigenharp yet, which seems to the ultimate British eccentric musical invention. As far as I can see, it’s like an electronic version of Pete Zorn really. Are we likely to see you ditching the Ferrington in favour of an Eigenharp any time soon? More seriously, though, are you interested in the application of technology to music? I thought I read somewhere that Front Palour Ballads was recorded in a home studio. Michael Lodge

    Ivor Cutler makes me look like Nicolas Parsons in the eccentricity department. I’ve seen a few videos of the Eigenharp, looks like fun, basically a Chapman Stick meets a bassoon meets a synth. I’ve never played one, and look forward to that. They say that art/architecture follows the technology, which is generally true, with a few blind alleys and pitfalls thrown in (Syndrums, anyone?)

  3. Mr. Moderator

    All through the ’80s my bandmates and I used to joke about creating the tuba bass, a bass guitar that you could also blow into. Whaddayouknow?!?!

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