May 012008

What’s your least favorite Kinks song?

Let’s see. “Aggravation,” “Repetition,” “Live Life,” “Jack the Idiot Dunce,” “Moving Pictures.” I’ll go with “Aggravation” off UK Jive.

Pete Quaife or John Dalton?

Like them both, but Quaife.

Name a better songwriter than Ray Davies.

Easy. Bob Dylan.

If you could sing one song live onstage with the Kinks, what would it be?

That’s hard. I might change my mind in a second but “Victoria.”

Mick Avory or Bob Henrit?

Either is fine, but Avory.

What’s the best Dave Davies guitar solo?

First thing that comes to mind is “Not Like Everybody Else” on To the Bone or “Celluloid Heroes” live. I like “Hard Way,” “Victoria,” and I’m probably forgetting something obvious.

You Really Got Me or All Day and All of the Night?

“All Day and All of the Night.”

Your favorite Kinks supplemental instrument – harpsichord, mellotron, trombone, synth, [other]?

Harpsichord or trombone. I’ll go with trombone in a close call.

Is the Kinks’ body of work as great as the Beatles’?


The Who’s?


Name a city in which you would be willing to pursue a mugger who stole your female companion’s purse.

New York, only because it’s my hometown and I would have a better sense of when to end the pursuit.

Which of the original four Kinks (ok, let’s throw in Dalton and Gosling too) would you rather have a one-on-one dinner with? No research involved, just who do you think would make the most enjoyable dinner guest?


If you owned the rights to the Banana Boat Song, would you refuse permission to Ray or the Kinks to perform snatches of it onstage?

No. I would let them use the song for free.

You get to play God and decide which of the following two scenarios takes place: a) The young Ray Davies stays in art school, subdues his demons, settles down with a nice south London girl, get s a job in advertising, achieves financial success but does work of no real distinction, and is currently happily retired, tending the garden despite his poor rheumatic back, doting on his adoring children and grandchildren. b) The story you wrote, with all the family turmoil, bitter former band members, divorces and broken relationships, near death experiences, and general unhappiness, but also the body of work we know and love.

B. I’m selfish.

I knew you were going to say that. Thanks, Tom, for playing our game. You will receive the home version of Dugout Chatter. And thanks for the interview.


  7 Responses to “Interview: Tom Kitts, Ray Davies: Not Like Everybody Else

  1. Mr. Moderator

    Thank you, BigSteve, and Tom, if you’re checking in. I look forward to picking up a copy of this book. It’s great that he was able to get access to most of the band members.

  2. hrrundivbakshi

    Wotta great innerview, BigSteve! Thanks from me to you!


  3. saturnismine

    BigSteve, this is a truly enjoyable read. I liked your questions (and his answers) very much!


  4. mockcarr

    Good stuff! Thank you quite a bit.

  5. trolleyvox

    Tremendous piece, BigSteve!

  6. Don’t have much more to add — except that I have a soft spot for UK Jive and mostly despise Phobia — but wanted to add to the huzzahs. Excellent piece, BigSteve!

  7. Excellent work, Big Steve. Tom really seemed to appreciate your thoughtful questions and observations.

    RTH interviews need to take a more 70’s Rolling Stone vibe where the writer spends as much time talking about partying with the musician as the actual Q&A

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