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Jackie Lomax died on September 15, reportedly while attending the wedding of one of his children. That’s really sad. As a lifelong Beatles fanboy, I’ve known of Lomax and his excellent George Harrison-penned song “Sour Milk Sea” for years, yet I know almost nothing about him—or his take on releasing a debut album produced by Harrison and featuring all the Beatles but John and the band’s late-period buds. The songs that weren’t graced by Beatles and Co. feature the Wrecking Crew. Amazing.

Years ago I tracked down a copy of this debut album, Is This What You Want? It’s got its moments, most of which sound like mellow outtakes from Let It Be, if Ronnie Lane (or George) was fronting the band. It was not the Holy Grail album I’d hoped it would be. I’ve probably missed some landmark Mojo interview with Lomax, but I don’t think I ever came across an interview with the guy. I wanted to know more. Even in death, all I’ve read is the same couple of paragraphs and superstar associate names that I’ve been seeing for years. Isn’t the web supposed to provide details on the lives of anyone who’s done anything of public note at the touch of a few mouse clicks? What was cooking inside Jackie Lomax’s head all these years? Don’t we have a right to know?

(What do you know, I did happen across this piece!)

Well, of course not! However, I’m always curious to know how musicians make it through this life, whether they are wildly successful or not. In fact, it’s the “footnotes of rock” (no offense to anyone found at the bottom of the page) who usually interest me most. I welcome a link to or direct knowledge of more information. Maybe old Friends of the Hall Martin Newell (from the same town as Lomax, I believe) or Happiness Stan can fill us in. (Where oh where are you, Stan?) That said, I hope Lomax enjoyed his time on earth and felt he got the most out of making music, not in a stardom way but creatively. Here are a few of my favorite tracks from this album. Enjoy.

Sour Milk Sea

Take My Word

The Eagle Laughs at You


  9 Responses to “Jackie Lomax, Perhaps the Only Associate of The Beatles Not to Have Published a Book on the Band, Dead at 69”

  1. diskojoe

    Mr. Mod, from a quick look at Jackie Lomax’s Wiki, he didn’t come from the same town as the Guv.

    Also, I consider it remarkable that Jane Asher has resolutely refused to even comment on her relationship w/Sir Paul for more than 40 yrs. now, much less do a tell-all book.

  2. Ah yes, Jane Asher might top the Last Man Standing on Beatles associates who have not written a book!

  3. misterioso

    I was sorry to hear about Lomax. Years and years ago I picked up a used copy of his Is This What You Want? but never have quite warmed up to it, other than the truly superb Sour Milk Sea. It all sounds good but I don’t much care for Lomax’s singing; it is hard, sometimes, for me not to imagine Sour Milk Sea as a George White Album cut. Especially thanks to the enterprising folks who created an “outfake” version by grafting George’s demo onto the backing of Lomax’s recording. Take a listen

  4. diskojoe

    Hey, Mr. Mod, do you think that Cliff Lee’s performance last night was like Sir Paul playing everything on the demo of “Come and Get It”?

  5. Perhaps. If the team were in contention it would have been more comparable to Paul playing almost everything on the Band on the Run album. As this season has gone, it’s a little more like Paul’s work in the “Coming Up” video:)

  6. Thank you, diskojoe. I’m bad enough with American geography. I shouldn’t have gone out on a limb and confused one town name beginning with W, Wirral (?), with Wivenhoe.

  7. Mojo came through with something beyond the standard Wikipedia page entry verbiage on Lomax:

  8. Happiness Stan

    Wooh, spooky, after months of utter busy-ness and doing-other-stuff-ness I stick my head around the door to say hello, just like I heard you calling!

    To my shame I know nothing at all about Jackie Lomax, I don’t think I’ve even heard Sour Milk Sea, although if as you report he died at the wedding of one of his children that is incredibly sad.

    Speaking of elderly rock stars and what they get up to in their dotage, I’ll nip back before long to report back on our recent trip to a festival with a full-size Dalek in tow.

    Love to all, HS

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