Aug 032015

Diagram this!

Diagram this!

Our recent Last Man Standing on Tastefully Nude Album Covers (at least initially) resulted in less entries than I expected. Expecting one of those long, endless LMS competitions, I prepared, in advance, this palette-cleansing LMS, which I expect will result in a tight, fierce competition, with no more than a handful of entries. Here’s the challenge:


  14 Responses to “Last Man Standing: Album Covers With Musical Diagrams”

  1. tonyola

    Patrick Moraz – The Story of i. Moraz goes into great detail about the construction and meaning of the music in the inner sleeve. As for listening, proceed at your own risk. Even this committed prog-head finds this album tough sledding.

  2. There’s a whole mess of Anthony Braxton albums that would seem to fit the bill. Here’s one:

  3. saturnismine

    Hey man..who said anything about the nude cover thread being over? Not me…I’m just catchin’ my breath.

  4. saturnismine

    Nice. I have a book about Braxton that explains how he intended some of his little ideograms to serve as direction for the people he was playing with. They were to react to them however they wanted.

  5. Braxton was on my shortlist. Although I don’t read music, one of his album covers promised something so revolutionary that I had to buy it. The music ended up more confusing than the image of bending, twisting sheet music.

  6. ladymisskirroyale

    This might be too straightforward:

    The lyrics list includes information about the musical key, parts to repeat, instrumentation, repetition of verses, changes to lyrics, etc.

  7. I don’t have my albums handy, and this has been bugging me: did Fripp ever provide a schematic for his Frippertronics rig on the back of an album cover? I keep thinking it may have been on the backside of Let the Power Fall. If you can confirm, I am Last Man Standing!

  8. No confirmation yet, as I search the web, but I love stumbling across pages like this:

  9. tonyola

    As far as I can determine, there is no schematic of the Frippertronics rig, just a picture of Fripp in front of a tape recorder.

  10. saturnismine

    Mod, I know what you’re talking about. I don’t remember where I saw this diagram, but my recollection is that it was while an album was nearby. Perhaps it was an insert?

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