Jun 142013

Just a couple more days to go for my wife, who is a teacher… Just a week to go for my boys, including a few pointless half days… School is just about OUT FOR SUMMER! Although I still go to work, a household including 3 people without daily responsibilities has its merits: no complaints about tests, no reminders about homework, no disrespectful kids other than our own. In honor of the final days of school, which may have come already for some of you in other parts of the country, let us count the ways we are fed up with school…in song. LAST MAN STANDING: Not just any old song about school, no, we’re talking songs about being sick of school!



  16 Responses to “Last Man Standing: Enough Already, I Can’t Wait Until the School Year Is Over!”

  1. diskojoe

    I would say “The Hard Way” by the Kinks, although the song is sung from the standpoint of a teacher who’s sick of his students.

    Also, “School’s Out” always reminds me of the last day of school, w/the chairs on the desks, classroom all scrubbed & clean & you had the feeling that you were going to be free forever.

  2. Suburban kid

    “I don’t care about history / that’s not where I want to be”

  3. “Hey man, I don’t feel like going to school no ‘mo.”

    Stray Cats — (She’s) Sexy & 17

  4. BigSteve

    Chuck Berry’s School Days.

    Hail hail rock & roll
    Deliver me from the days of old….

  5. cliff sovinsanity

    Not to put a fine point on it…

    Fuck School – The Replacements

  6. “Smokin’ In the Boy’s Room”
    Brownsville Station

  7. “Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)” Green Day.

  8. ladymisskirroyale

    “Another Brick in the Wall” – Pink Floyd

  9. The ultimate school hater’s anthem?

  10. “School” Nirvana

    -No recess!

  11. cliff sovinsanity

    Teacher Teacher – Rockpile

    “Growing up, out of school, out of love and out of rules”

  12. “Oh teachers are my lessons done/I cannot do another one”
    Teachers-Leonard Cohen

  13. H. Munster

    “They told you in school about freedom
    But when you try to be free they never let you”

    “The Amercan Ruse” MC5

  14. “And I’m never going back
    To my old school”
    -Steely Dan

  15. hrrundivbakshi

    “We’re Finished With Finishing School,” The Upper Crust, as seen here on the Late Late Show: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5YIRgeUuAhA

  16. High School – MC5

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