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Combat Rock!

Combat Rock!

This week’s Last Man Standing seeks artists in military garb. A link to the photo or video demonstrating the artist dressed for battle will be helpful but is not necessary. As always, please limit your entry to 1 response per post. The goal is to compile as many artists in military garb as possible, collectively, then to stand atop the heap of useless information with the last answer any of the brilliant minds in the Halls of Rock could fathom.

This LMS was inspired by the anniversary of the release of a certain landmark rock album and a chance viewing of my favorite old rap video. I’ll leave it to you to cite the artists who inspired me, although I suspect the talent pool for this topic is deep! Following reasonable completion of this thread, stay tuned for at least one related foll0w-up thread.

Let the games begin!


  77 Responses to “Last Man Standing: Military Garb”

  1. YES, perhaps rock’s ultimate jump the shark photo shoot!

  2. ladymisskirroyale

    Ooo, baby. No one said it has to be recent military garb:


  3. Indeed, any era counts!

  4. cherguevara

    Can you identify this band?


    ok… it’s “My Chemical Romance.”

  5. Suburban kid

    It would be better if we could insert images in comments.


  6. I was hoping someone would get that one!

    Yes, it would be nice to be able to insert images directly, but I think early on there were some potential problems with allowing that capability. We’ll see what we can do down the road; meanwhile, I think I can turn your links into images in the comments.

  7. Mr. Mod, I’m guessing the landmark LP inspiring you was Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, released on June 1, 1967, 47 (gulp) years ago.

    Do I need a photo?!

    This was the first LP I bought with my own money, back at the tender age of 12. If I played it once that summer I played it 300 times. Side a, side b, side a, side b, all day long.

  8. Funny, I was trying to think whether the Stones ever went military, but I forgot that the Navy counts! Sorry, Naval RTHers.

  9. CORRECT! No photo needed.

  10. That is SWEET! I’ve never seen that shot before.

  11. By the way, as this thread progresses we’ll need to reach out to our old friend, the long lost Alexmagic, to get him tuned in and ready for the follow up to this thread. Thanks.


  12. ladymisskirroyale

    Will you accept a musician in a fictional role?

  13. cherguevara

    Chris Rock on Michael Jackson’s outfit:


  14. misterioso

    A truly crappy band, mind you, but: Gary Puckett and the Union Gap.


  15. I guess Cub Scouts don’t count as military, right? (Some of you may know where I’m headed.)

  16. Paper Lace Civil War’n in up for “Billy Don’t be a Hero”



  17. YES! Along with Sgt. Pepper’s, the following video is what spurred this LMS. Check out the paramilitary dance steps at the 3:52 mark and store them away for a future thread that may roll from this one:


    By the power of Rock Town Hall I SUMMON ALEXMAGIC!

  18. Oh man, that’s really lame – in a good way!

  19. Not cheap, but thrifty!

  20. That’s funny. I only knew Paper Lace for “The Night Chicago Died” but as soon as I saw this thread, I searched for a picture of Bo Donaldson and the Heywoods doing “Billy Don’t be a Hero” to see if they were dressed up in uniform.

    Turns out Paper Lace did this song first in England. Both versions were released in ’74.

    I wonder if this is the last instance of multiple “artists” recording the same song around the same time and having success with it.

  21. I’ll allow it if you allow that the Dream Police are a paramilitary force.

  22. Good point, I didn’t think Paper Lace did that song!

  23. cherguevara

    Requesting a judgment on this one:


    Can’t find a still that isn’t blurry but the video is blurry too. I think this is some sort of military beret word here in Alice Cooper’s video for “Clones.” Ah, rockers going New Wave, it was an awkward phase… better than disco, I guess.

  24. cherguevara

    “worn” not “word” – oops.

  25. I can’t believe I beat Chickenfrank to this since I think he owns this album: Tenpole Tudor


  26. cherguevara

    I guess if your name is Col. Bruce Hampton, it’s a gimmie:


    I was looking at some Nazi punk stuff, like Siouxie, but it’s odious and I can’t go there, so it’s a mention instead of a pic.

  27. Can we be self-referential here and include Townsman cherguevarra for both name and avatar?

  28. That sure looks like a beret. Yikes! I don’t think of those things as being military, but I guess that’s because they’re associated with the French.

  29. Good one! And “Yes” to Al’s question!

  30. This is one of my favorites – in a bad way!

  31. ladymisskirroyale

    I couldn’t resist posting this band photo for you, Mod:

  32. cherguevara

    This one doesn’t count, as it isn’t a military uniform, posting it as a curio. Anyone know who this is?


  33. I’m guessing that it’s the guy from Iron Maiden, who, according to my brother, will sometimes fly the band’s jet to shows.

  34. Is it one of the dudes from Foo Fighters in the “Learn to Fly” video?

  35. cherguevara

    Yes – Bruce Dickenson. I thought I might find one of him in a military outfit, but failed.

  36. machinery

    you read my mind!!! when I scrolled down and saw this I let out an audible “damn.”

  37. machinery

    trying to upload photos of Janet Jackson’s absurd military outfits.

    I worked with a woman who went through that phase in the late 80s. so funny to see her come into the office with epaulettes on her shoulders.


  38. cherguevara

    I posted Janet back up at post #2!

  39. machinery

    missed this completely.

  40. I bet some of you wish the draft could be brought back just long enough to call this guy:

  41. I was trying to remember name of this band the last couple of days – it just came to me: Shrapnel!

    Power the powers invested in my in the Halls of Rock I SUMMON ALEXMAGIC!

  42. http://cbshartford.files.wordpress.com/2014/05/bruce-springsteen-tom-morello-nils-lofgren-by-maria-ives.jpg?w=620&h=349&crop=1

    Tom Morello let Bruce into his closet for one of his military style shirts.

    Nils continues to sell tonics in the 1880’s.

  43. cherguevara

    Godwin’s Law strikes again!

  44. I had to look up that law. That’s funny!

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