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To celebrate Mardi Gras, let’s conduct a timed Last Man Standing on songs of excess. The last comment in by midnight New Orleans time will win a prize direct from the city of New Orleans, albeit this time next week, when I’m back from a coming trip there. [It turns out I was the last to add to the list before midnight New Orleans time on Mardi Gras, so I win/we lose. We’ll let the LMS carry on as nature intends.]

Do I have to explain what I mean by “songs of excess?” I hope not. If so, perhaps you might want to sit this one out. I’ll kick things off with “One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer.”

Live it up!


  45 Responses to “Last Man Standing: Songs of Excess”

  1. cherguevara

    Rainy Days and Mondays by the Carpenters.


  2. Suburban kid

    Too Drunk to Fuck – DKs

  3. More More More – Andrea True Connection

  4. Suburban kid

    300 Pounds of Heavenly Joy — Howlin’ Wolf

  5. diskojoe

    I gotta go w/”Alcohol” by the Kinks, preferably the live versions from 1972 (“Everybody’s In Show Boz”) & 1977 (BBC Christmas Concert)

  6. diskojoe

    That’s “Biz”, not “Boz”. See, I’m already affected!

  7. Suburban kid

    Streams of Whiskey — the Pogues

  8. machinery

    One toke over the line.

  9. Suburban kid

    “What a Way to Die” — the Pleasure Seekers (featuring Suzi Quatro)

  10. 2000 Man

    Root Boy Slim and the Sex Change Band – Dare to Be Fat

    Havin’ a ball, with cholesterol!

  11. Lucinda Williams “Drunken Angel”

  12. Suburban kid

    “Cigarettes and Alcohol” — Oasis

  13. BigSteve

    A swamp pop classic, I Got Loaded by Little Bob & the Lollipops:

    Covered very nicely by Los Lobos:

  14. Hall & Oates “Possession Obsession”

  15. Suburban kid

    Don’t Come Home A-Drinkin’ (With Lovin’ On Your Mind) – Loretta Lynn

  16. “Eat It,” Weird Al.

  17. 2000 Man

    Might as Well Get Juiced – The Stones

  18. Mary Gauthier — “I Drink”
    “Fish swin, birds fly . . . I drink”

  19. ‘Dose of Thunder” — The Replacements
    “Only takes a little ’til you want a ton”

  20. Dylan and The Band, “Too Much of Nothing.”

  21. Obviously, “I Got Drunk” by Uncle Tupelo.

  22. How ’bout Bob Weir’s “I Need a Miracle?” Bobby sings that he needs a women twice his age (“a lady of nobility, gentility and rage”), twice his height (“statuesque, raven-dressed, a goddess of the night”) and twice his weight (“a ton of fun who packs a gun with all her freight”).

    Best line: “too much of everything is just enough.”

  23. Rockpile “A Knife and Fork”. “Girl, you let a knife and fork dig your grave.”

  24. I missed that prize deadline thing, sorry. I sometime run these LMS questions through my head while trying to get back to sleep and came up with the few I’ve used today. Play on!

  25. cherguevara

    Squeeze – Labeled with love

  26. Buzzcocks “Orgasm Addict”

  27. H. Munster

    The Swingin’ Medallions — “Double Shot (of My Baby’s Love)”

  28. Lynyrd Skynyrd “That Smell”

  29. ladymisskirroyale

    Hotel California

  30. Suburban kid

    Black Flag – “Wasted”

  31. Stones, “Mother’s Little Helper”

  32. ladymisskirroyale

    What You Need – INXS

  33. Suburban kid

    Tex Ritter – “Rye Whiskey”

  34. Sinatra “One More for My Baby (and One More for the Road)”

  35. ladymisskirroyale

    Serious Drugs – BMX Bandits

  36. cliff sovinsanity


  37. cliff sovinsanity

    Drunk & Fucked Up (Like The Twilight) – Ryan Adams

  38. Fine Young Cannibals “Johnny Come Home”. “What is wrong in my life / that I must get drunk every night?”

  39. ladymisskirroyale

    Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll – Ian Drury

  40. mockcarr

    However Much I Booze – The Who.

    Last Man Standing Unsteadily.

  41. Grateful Dead “Truckin”

  42. “Woo woo whee, liquor set me free.”

    Lou Reed, “Underneath the Bottle.”

  43. Pretty much the entire short career or Doug Hopkins of the Gin Blossoms. I’ll go with “New Horizons”, “I’ll drink enough of anything / to make this world seem new again / Drunk drunk drunk in the gardens and the graves”.

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